First Page Workshop

I’ve turned the FIRST PAGE in my Writer-Presenter career …
Last Saturday I presented my first EVER Writing Workshop, combining my teaching and writing skills.
Apply named The FIRST PAGE, it was held at the Logan Hyperdome Library.

I primed my best speaker’s voice for the occasion,  printed off worksheets, and filled the whiteboard with ideas and brainstorming.

Now I was ready!
I gulped then read the First dramatic Page of my personal Memoir, Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness, worrying what my peers would think … of Manic Me … and my writing

I invited the group to examine the structure of my First Page by seeking answers to these Questions …

•    Who’s the main Character?
•    What do they desire most? // What’s their QUEST?
•    What’s stopping them? Or will stop them?
•    Does the writer have a Strong Voice?
•    What’s the genre? Is it obvious in the First Page?
•    What’s the context? …setting /time/ place?
•    Are their any Hooks? … Do you want to read more?

Guess what? … Me and Her ticked all their boxes, captivating my listeners, who wanted to read More!

Then the group listened intently to JJ Cooper’s thriller, The Interrogator and Geoff Lindsay’s crime, Darkly Dreaming Dexter.
What did everyone LOVE about these First Pages? … The VOICE, the HOOKS and the CONFLICT.

Later they scrutinized the structure of their own First Page, working in pairs to rewrite it, improving it in some way. Some made the VOICE stronger … Others added more HOOKS and intrigue.

I’m ecstatic with the positive responses I received from the attendees.
Words can’t express the satisfaction I experienced in presenting this workshop.
To be amongst writing peers who feel the same PASSION as I do for Writing … was inspirational

My plans for the future?  … I’m definitely developing more Writing Workshops.

First Page Workshop ...Lto R ... Karen Tyrrell, Kev Webb, Maggie Anderson, Jan Mills. Ngaire Hart

First Page Workshop ... Lto R ... Karen Tyrrell, Kev Webb, Maggie Anderson, Jan Mills and Ngaire Hart.

Writers at The FIRST PAGE Workshop ... Back Row L to R ... Maggie Anderson, Karen Tyrrell, Penny Whitehouse, Emma Bear, Ngaire Hart. Front Row L to R ... Kelly Hart, Debbie Kahl, Kev Webb, Christine Gwin.

Writers at The FIRST PAGE Workshop ... Back Row L to R ... Myles Pellowe, Maggie Anderson, Karen Tyrrell, Penny Whitehouse, Emma Bear, Ngaire Hart. Front Row L to R ... Kelly Hart, Debbie Kahl, Kev Webb, Christine Gwin.

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10 comments to First Page Workshop

  • Mark

    Congrats Karen, Sounds like your workshop went really well. Pity I live too far away, to go to any in the future.

  • Hi Mark, Thanks for that … Cyber workshops maybe? … LOL. Karen

  • Michael

    Sounds great. Well done Karen!

  • Hi Michael, Thanks for saying That. I enjoyed the workshop so much … Cheers, Karen :))

  • Congratulations on your first writing workshop, Karen. Your background as a teacher makes you a perfect fit. It’s wonderful that you’ve branched out to cover all aspects of a writing career — writing, networking, PR, marketing, teaching, etc. You continue to do great things for the Queensland writing community with your hard work, drive, and generous nature. Good on you, and thank you.
    Joanna :))

  • Thanks Joanna for your very kind comments. I found the transition from teaching children to teaching adults an easy one. Especially because I actively engaged my Passion for Writing. Karen :))

  • Congratulations Karen, Sounds like it was an inciteful workshop for both you and the participants. It’s always scary putting up your own work as an example. Well done.


  • Thanks Jefferey, The best part of the workshop was when I realised I could really offer the participants my knowledge and skills and they responded positively. I was going to read my Crime but thought … what the heck “Go for the Memoir.” … Karen

  • You are such an inspiration, Karen, especially to me. I love reading about what you are doing and what you are achieving.

  • Hi Lexie,
    Thanks so much for your support and your very kind words. I wish you every success with your writing. Cheers, Karen :))

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