How to Develop Resilience Skills & Keep Mentally Strong

WOOHOO! Last Friday I delivered my first Resilience Training Workshop to a corporate business team, part of a Workplace Health and Safety program … What synchronicity!

Manager, Anila Fredricks who had read ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness, invited me to deliver a motivational talk about my RECOVERY from mental illness, to her trouble-shooting unit. Anila requested I share my resilience skills, to empower her staff to adapt to change and maintain their coping strategies in handling work stresses.

What’s Resilience?

The ability of someone to bounce back from Change and Challenges, whilst keeping on track.
We all live such stressful lives, becoming vulnerable to mental health issues, especially stress and sleep problems. We need resilience skills to sustain our mental strength.

What’s my Credentials for delivering a Resilience Skills Workshop?

I’m a motivational public speaker, pro-active author, mental health advocate, teacher, experienced Toastmaster, workshop presenter, and accredited speaker with SANE Australia.
In 2011, I delivered the Life Writing program to mental health patients in a psyche ward. I write mental health articles for Magazines.

How did I present my Resilience Skills Workshop?

1.    Shared my personal story of harassment, mental breakdown and Recovery
2.    Explored practical tools to minimize stress and improve wellness.
3.    Delivered an interactive presentation with participants completing my 10 page Resilience Training workbook.
4.    Coached the staff to develop their own personal Wellness Plan.

TOP #4 Ways to Build Resilience Skills

1.    Develop realistic, achievable goals. Move forward with your goals. Daily. Weekly. Monthly Goals. Develop a positive plan of action. Tick off lists. Celebrate successes.
2.    Maintain a positive, optimistic outlook. Visualize what you really want to achieve, through mental imaging. Visualize each actionable step along the way.
3.    Embrace CHANGE as a positive part of life. Ask yourself ‘What can I change for the better?’
4.    Take decisive Actions, offering you a sense of control over any situation. Empower yourself with problem solving and lateral thinking.

I offered each participant a FREE copy of my eBook, “30 Tools for Wellness: Healthy Mind, Happy Day”

30 Wellness Tools to help you feel happier, healthier and mentally stronger.”  GET IT HERE 30 Tools for Wellness

Do you believe in SYNCHRONICTY?

The most incredible part of developing this Workshop … is that I didn’t plan it in advance. Anila approached me first,  requesting a “talk” . Someone else from the same corporation requested permission to publish my Stress- Less article in their WH&S News letter & also inquired about Resilience Training … One week ago, I developed a business proposal (my first ever) and a Resilience  Training booklet. All coinciding with my launch of my FREE eBook, “30 Tools for Wellness” … Amazing!!

Do you believe in Synchroninity?


A letter of recommendation has just come in from the Manager … Here’s the highlights …

“Thank you for speaking to my team about your book and your journey of Recovery and Resilience. The feedback from my team has been overwhelming –  a ‘wake-up call’ – Overall consensus was that it was a great session …
“Karen’s preparation and time management skills were remarkable … Karen’s reading of excerpts from her book read was so mesmerizing – I didn’t want Karen to stop! … The workbooks were a great idea and the tips to de-stress and live a balanced life were practical and thought provoking. The team were indeed inspired to improve their physical, emotional and mental wellness.”

What did you think of my Resilience Skills Workshop?

Which Resilience Skills were a benefit to you?

Could you please SHARE this positive NEWS?

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4 comments to How to Develop Resilience Skills & Keep Mentally Strong

  • I need to work on my resilience skills as my ability to bounce-back is normally aided by adding, removing or increasing my medication. I think my work place would benefit from running lots of resilience training

    As an aside, at my daughters’primary school they teach the kids about resilience with I think is a great way to prepare them for life.

  • I have just assembled the PC in my house. Do I need to re-register to get the ‘Top 30 tools for wellness’ again?



  • Hi Stephanie,
    We ALL need to develop our Resilience skills to fight off stress and to cope with daily life.
    Its fabulous that your daughter is learning resilience skills.
    When I was teaching in schools, I taught resilience skills too … Karen 🙂

  • hi Steph,
    I’ll email you with a solution … Karen 🙂

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