4 Offers. Which one First?

Over the weekend, I received four irresistible invitations … an unbelievable offer to write an article for an eNewsletter with a readership of 12K … one for an in-depth interview … another for a Skype podcast interview… and one from a teenage writing prodigy to be a Guest Blogger.

Yesterday Alex Jay, pen-named BJ Cullen, fourteen-year-old author extraordinaire, invited me to write a piece for his blog, Teen Writer. He regularly interviews famous authors like Mem Fox, Rebecca James and Steph Bowe. I couldn’t refuse his offer.

He wanted to know … How my mental health issues influenced the writing of Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness.
Here’s some dramatic excerpts.

After parents at my school harassed me for over a year, I developed crippling anxiety and severe insomnia, tormented each night by night terrors. At the same time, I became hypomanic, feeling elated, speaking and writing so fast in between pacing back and forth. An irresistible urge to write overwhelmed me as I wrestled with the emotional changes brewing deep inside …

After I was committed to a psyche hospital, I interviewed doctors, nurses and patients questioning theirs and my sanity. I wrote ‘Harnessing Bipolarity’ and ‘Mental Health without Drugs,’ so ironic, these versions later melding into my memoir …

My second episode was more severe than the first, my mania quickly catapulting into psychosis. I experienced the weirdest blackest dreams, had conversations with God and the Dead and I sought out the Living to heal and to perform experiments. Each day I detailed these encounters in my notebooks, developing into intriguing chapters in my memoir …

On my journey to recovery, my writing became cathartic as I strove for long-term stability. I analysed Bipolar books and my past searching for answers that would save me and keep me healthy. Self-knowledge lead me to understand my triggers and how to avoid them …

Later I joined a writers group and the Queensland Writing Centre and learnt how to write from the bottom up, redrafting my Memoir many times, aiming for perfection and further insight into my illness so I could help others.

My mental health issues influenced every aspect of my Memoir. From my initial stress and anxiety, developing into full-blown Bipolar Disorder and to my recovery and hope for the future. Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness is now complete, ready to share with you the Reader.

Check out  the FULL “Guest Blogger” Post at … http://www.bjcullen.blogspot.com/

Hey, what did you think?
An in-depth interview is coming soon. Watch this space.

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16 comments to 4 Offers. Which one First?

  • Hi Karen,

    Thanks the post looks great! 🙂


  • Thanks Alex for inviting me to be a Guest Blogger on your site, Teen Writer :))
    Good luck with all your writing … Karen :))

  • Wonderful, Karen. All the best with your plans. A heap of well-deserved opportunities. Have fun! Joanna :))

  • Thanks Joanna, I’m really excited by these invitations. These will keep me busy for the next week or two … Karen :))

  • Madonna

    Karen, Karen , Karen..I said Love I said Pet I said Love
    A trillion WOWS..I simply L♥VE your work girlfriend xoxox
    Wheres that book already..has me enthralled:o)

  • Hey Madonna, You really Love it that much?? Really? … Ahhh! feels so good to know someone out there is reading my work and loves it! … Karen :))

  • You’re so inspiring, Karen. And so very brave! People need to be more aware of this illness and learn how to survive and move on. I can’t wait to read this memoir.

  • Thanks Carol, with this latest Post I really had to put on my “Brave Hat” to reveal those details. I know my Memoir will increase understanding of this illness and give sufferers strategies for Recovery … Karen :))

  • Karen,

    Thanks for the insight into your story. I wish the best in getting it published.

    Donna 🙂

  • Thanks Donna,
    Hope you have a greater understanding of what happened now. I know there’s a Publisher out there for me. Just waiting to be connected … Karen :))

  • Lexie Mitchell

    Congratulations Karen. You deserve all your success. you are the one who made it happen!

  • Thanks Lexie, I’m trying to make things happen from my end. And lots of unexpected invitations are coming my way … Two of those offers were from complete strangers … Karen :))

  • Elaine

    Sorry to hear about your rejection Karen, they are hard to take. Keep putting it out there, someone will pick it up.

  • Thanks Elaine, for your empathy. I feel that every day, I’m getting closer to Publishing. Karen xx

  • Hi Karen your site is so nice and meaningful

    Great work you do Thanks from Paul

  • Thanks Paul, I appreciate you dropping by to check out my site. Glad you liked it. Karen :))

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