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5650_104496597086_104495352086_2300439_5247457_n1Casi McLean invited me to Guest Blog on her Wingless Butterfly/ Secrets of a Recovering Jerk-Magnet website. She requested a motivational piece, which would uplift and empower her readers.
I wrote ‘You ARE what you THINK’.

Our internal dialogue is super powerful, dictating our emotions and actions.

Positive thinking can TRANSFORM the outcome of your day and the way people react towards you.
Positive people generate a optimistic aura or persona around them, attracting more of the ‘good things’ in life including supportive relationships.

~ The Positive Thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible. ~

Please check out my Guest Blog here. Click on ‘continue reading’ … Want A Great Life? Make It So!

  • We all battle with being positive. How do you overcome those negative thoughts?
  • What do you do to let go of the past and keep your thoughts positive?
  • How does your positive thinking empower you to believe in yourself and pursue your dreams?

Feel free to join the discussion.

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10 comments to GUEST BLOG– You ARE what you THINK @ Casi

  • Rick Stewart

    We are all plagued by negative thoughts, because we are human. I know when I’m feeling positive, things definitely work out better. Thanks for the positive tips too.

  • Thanks Rick for leaving a comment. Negative thinking can take over if we let it. That’s why we must be pro-active with out internal dialogue and fill our lives with “positive” experiences :))

  • This is a wonderful, powerful blog Karen.
    The power of positive is changing, life bringing.

  • Hi Rebecca,
    Thanks for dropping by. You’re right about the Power of the Positive. I know you’ve empowered yourself with positive thinking to achieve all that you have. Congrats on your successes :))

  • Scott Chambers

    Like they say: “Be positive; not only a blood type, but a way of life!”
    Great post 😉

  • Thank Scott. Love your positive blurb … just rolls off the tongue :))

  • Graham Clements

    I think positive thinking can sometimes be confused with ignoring the facts. It’s easy to be positive about something when you’re don’t know anything about it. I do think the more informed a person is about the world they more pessimistic they might be. Becoming informed will probably lead to a solution to a personal problem. But with the looming perfect storm of environmental collapse, overpopulation and lack of resources, becoming informed will probably just lead to negative thoughts about the future of mankind.

    I enjoy Karen’s blog because she does always look to move forward after setbacks. But other blogs where the person appears to be hopelessly bubbly about a future they seem totally ignorant of are a real turn off. For example writing blogs from wannabees were they seem to be ignorant of what effect ebooks might have on the publishing industry.

    While not always putting a positive spin on my life and writing, I prefer to think of myself as someone who tells it like they see it, which may change overtime. I wonder if science fiction writers, because of the research and thinking they do about the future, are generally seen as less positive than say fantasy writers, where 99% of the time the good guy wins in the end.

  • Hi Graham, Thanks for your very honest and heart felt reflections about being informed. I too have many concerns about the world and its future. Some things we can change and others we can’t. But I do enjoy escaping into Sci-Fi fantasy stories where the hero overcomes evil. When I’m not reading or writing I dwell in the present and try to live each day to the full :))

  • Hi Karen,
    You are inspiration to all. You show in every action that you always go towards the light as you stay focused on action, healing, recovery, even when you question yourself, it is yet another positive move you make….positivity will overcome the chattering inside ones head always,to achieve and your strengths just keep growing ten fold. You are so respected, and honored by all those you share with ..thank you…
    Love Grahams comments also, how true….Rebecca,Scott also enjoyed reading your comments..

  • Thanks Sandi, for saying those very kind words. I struggle with negative thoughts like everyone else but eventually the positive ones win over and keep me centred. Its all about doing what keeps you happy :)) Thanks too for your generous support for all those you commented before you :))

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