Writing Buddies

Without Writing Buddies, I would NOT be where I am now.
I believe  they have nurtured my Writing Success so far. They’ve helped me grow as a Writer, encouraging me to work harder, to raise the Writing Bar. I thank each of them.

The best Writing Buddies are the “Picky Bitches” who analyse my story with their sharp minds and eyes, teasing out what needs to improve.
Writing Buddies SPOT mistakes that I CAN’T SEE
And OFFER their suggestions!
… If you are serious about Writing, you must have a Writing Buddy … or several.

When I can’t do anymore with my writing, I present my story to them for Critiquing. They explain what works and what DOESN’T and offer suggestions for improvement. I in turn do the same with their Writing … It’s a two-way street.

But if you NEED a Writing Buddy to provide you more detailed advice on Story Structure, you should consult with a MENTOR who could give you one-on-one professional feedback on developing your manuscript.
Kim Wilkins from QWC recommends Fantasy author Louise Cusack http://www.louisecusack.com

I met my Writing Buddies at the Short Story Development Series and Year of the Edit Courses, both held at Queensland Writers Centre in Brisbane. And at my local Crime Writers Club, I discovered more wonderful writers to share and swap critiques and writing ideas.

Today I did a swap with Debbie Kahl, a young Brisbane YA writer.
I’m reading her YA novel, Bitter Besties and she’s reading the first 40K of my crime, Sayonara. We’re offering our writing and critique  to each other in trust.

Thank you to all my Writing Buddies, past and present.
I would love to give you all a Cyber ((((HUG)))).

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6 comments to Writing Buddies

  • Nicely written. I agree with the “Picky Bitches” being the best writing buddies. They have helped me see so much more clearly. And yes, trust is a key word. All the best for your novel.

  • Hi Carol, Nice way to get to know you via Facebook and our websites. Funny how we both wrote about Writing Buddies and Critiquing today. Such an important ingredient to our writing development. Cheers, Karen :))

  • A great idea, Karen. I haven’t found a writing buddy as yet. Perhaps I will once I do ‘Year of the Edit’. You have to ‘click’ with someone I guess — ie get along as friends, but be willing to take the hard, cold words. Joanna :))

  • Hi Joanna, I’m sure you’ll find a buddy at Year of the Edit. We continuously critiqued each other’s work then we do a rewrite. Then follow up by sending out the next chapters. That’s part of YOE course. The hard cold words are always difficult to accept on the first 10 pages … Then it gets easier. Cheers, Karen :))

  • S M Johnston

    Hey Karen,

    Great site. Yep I am in QLD but up north in Mackay. I have a writing buddy who pushes me to get my stuff done (I am a great starter and a bad finisher). Look forward to staying in touch and hope those book deals come through for you.


  • Hi Sharon, Thanx for finding me here and showing your support. Glad you have a Writing Buddy to push you along … I wish you all the best with your new novel … Cheers, Karen :))

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