WooHoo! Logan Writers Week!

WooHoo! Its official … Logan Writers Week will go ahead between the 11th to 16th of October at Logan City Libraries and Angus and Robertson Hyperdome Bookstore.
It’ll be a week long celebration of the amazing literary talent in Logan City.

In March, I created Logan City Writers collective and dreamed I could organise Logan Writers Week, a community based writers festival set in the burbs of Brisbane, Australia.

Organising Logan Writers Week has taken me on one helluva learning curve on
how to merge creative arts with bureaucracy and business. Despite self-doubt, rejections, setbacks and bungles, I’ve pulled it off.

The reality … its now happening in 5 weeks time!
As event coordinator, I’ve selected talented Writers, organised and confirmed the program utilizing the infrastructure of the Logan Libraries Network ─ their venues, staff and publicity machine.

Key-note speaker Doctor David Reiter, Publisher at IP ( Interactive Publications) will present Future of the Book/ New Media for Publishing at Logan North Library
on Tuesday 12th October 6-7.45 pm. Please book  3412 4140 after 15th September.

Logan Writers Expo …The Grand Finale of Logan Writers Week will culminate at Logan North Library on Saturday 16th 9am-12 . Please book  3412 4140 after 15th September.

During that week we’ll showcase the literary talent of …
Ged Maybury, Karen Collum, Annette Henderson, Kev Webb and Anthony Puttee, Robin Adolphs, Jodi Cleghorn, Annie Evett, Dawn Alice, Maggie Anderson,  Sandra Makaresz, Tony Lourenson, Jo Whitfield, Myles Pellowe, Cats Thompson and Sharon Norris … Plus MORE Writers at the EXPO.

Via Author Talks, Writing Workshops, How to get Published Panel, a Childrens Writer Panel and MORE.

The full FREE program will be announced soon.

Please support Logan Writers Week by …

•    Joining LOGAN WRITERS WEEK Fan page on Facebook … launching tomorrow.
•    Watching out for program announcements and accepting my invitations.
•    Booking each event at the Library where the event is held.

I urge you to highlight the 11th to 16th October in your diaries and calendars.

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20 comments to WooHoo! Logan Writers Week!

  • Montana

    Hi Karen,
    Congratulations on your successes! Your dedication and hard work are certainly an inspiration to keep the passion for writing alive!
    Montana 🙂

  • karen, absolutely fabulous news. Will be in contact with you to see if i can be of assistance. Kel

  • Thanks so much Montana. Hope you’ll be able to come to our week of FREE events, celebrating the literary talent in Logan … Karen :))

  • Thanks Kelly. I’d love you to be involved in Logan Writers Week. We have so much talent out here. I’m sure you know of some of our Writers already. Karen :))

  • Joanna Gaudry

    That’s fantastic, Karen. Congratulations on your great organisation to get this up and running. I rang Logan North Library to book into both events. They said that you can only book into them from 15th September. They don’t book that far ahead right now. All the best, and I look forward to seeing you there. Joanna :))

  • Thanks Joanna for telling me that. I’ll fine tune that info on my Blog in a moment. Logan City Libraries received the final program timetable this morning … Karen :))

  • angela

    You are amazing, girl!!

  • Thanks Angela, I worked so hard for this. Tonight I’m celebrating with a glass of Shiraz … Karen :))

  • Ian Golledge

    Are you sure you’ve done enough work? Couldn’t you do some more? 🙂

    You literary mogul, you!

  • Steph L

    Congratulations Karen! Let me shake your hand (the non-writing one of course) 🙂

  • Thanks Ian. Still got to arrange the publicity yet. Stage one completed. ATM I’m happily exhausted but bathing in the knowledge that its going to happen…Karen :))

  • Thanks Stephanie, LOL Yes please don’t squeeze the right one. That’s my pen and paper hand … Still got more Rewrites yet. Karen :))

  • excited about this Karen..

  • Congratulations, Karen! Your hard work is finally coming together. Shame I don’t live near Brisbane, but I hope it all goes well 🙂

  • Hi Annie, So am I! Congrats on winning a place in Logan writers week >>> your presentation on “How to Get Published panel” will be Fabulous … Karen :))

  • Thanks so much Carol. I wish you lived closer too. It will go well with all the planning and with an enthusiastic bunch of writers. Karen :))

  • Congrats, Karen. Heaps of hard work has paid off!

  • Thanks Angela, You’re right. Blood, sweat … and now lots of grins :))

  • Brenda Peupelmann

    You stand this week, at the doors of a marvelous new adventure; Stage II – The Week In Action; – due to your vision, talent and tenacity. Nothing else would have pulled it together without the persistent focus you have applied and your passion to make it happen!!! Its an amazing accomplishment Karen you should be really proud. Well done :):) Take care -xox Brenda – see you soon

  • Thanks so much Brenda for your wonderful words of support. Yes its finally here:)) Thanks for letting me know about the Expo. Hope to meet you soon :))

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