The Race is ON!

Yesterday I emailed a BIG publisher with a request … Can I send my Book Proposal to them?
Three hours later, the answer was YES, PLEASE!

I’ve been building up my stamina, training for the Big One!

ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness is now professionally edited and my winning Book Proposal completed and checked. Beyond Blue is listed as an endorsement.

I’m down on the blocks, the addressed package strapped to my back, ready to post to the Publisher. The starter gun has fired and I’m off and racing!
I push off head of the rest, striding out in front!

Hey! Wait a minute! Isn’t the average response time from Publishers between 2-3 months? (But not always.)

Didn’t I tell you? … I’m not in the 200 metre Sprint but in the Marathon … And I want to go the full distance.

The ME side of me is focused on that finishing line.
The HER side is running s*#! scared, quaking in her shoes.

In the meantime, what do I do?
What I do best …

WRITE and KEEP WRITING until I reach the finishing line!

PS  On Friday I posted off my very first Book Proposal and Sample Chapters to a Publisher. I still can’t believe it.

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9 comments to The Race is ON!

  • Robbo

    Karen, I don’t care if you’re in the Sprint or the Marathon. I’m cheering for you from the side-lines!!

  • And you will reach the finishing line and pass with flying colours, I’m sure. Cheering from here too!

  • Hello Sweets,
    Good luck with it. Fingers crossed for you. Thank you for visiting my Blog and your comment. If I run into either of them I’ll ask for you. Keep us posted as to what happens next! xx

  • Congrats on sending off your first proposal. They replied incredibly quickly to your query, so hopefully that means they’re enthusiastic! And I agree with your plan – the only way to keep going is to keep on writing. It’s the best form of distraction there is!

  • Way to go Karen. I really hope the Publisher love the proposal. I know you have put a great deal of work into it. Best of luck


  • Wow! That response time is amazing. Good luck with it – sounds very promising 🙂 And listen to the ‘me’ part of you for now and run like the wind!!

  • Awesome! Onward and upward Karen…if anyone deserves it, it’s you; you have the drive and the right attitude and I wish you all the very best.

  • W.O.W. That is absolutely awesome!! Way to Go!! The ME and HER side is always there. That is the beauty of it all. The excitement and the butterflies flying in formation.
    The best is yet to come. YEEEHAAAHHHHH!!

  • Angie

    Fantastic News! Will be watching for more updates!

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