WINNER of Almost Dead Book Giveaway

Announcing the WINNER of Almost Dead Book Giveaway … by author Kaz Delaney.

Almost Dead is the sequel to Kaz Delaney book Dead Actually, paranormal chick-lit, winner of the Aurealis Award and Romance Writers award.

I’m proud Kaz Delaney chose me, Karen Tyrrell to open her Blog Tour with a Book Giveaway celebrating her NEW […]

Truth behind ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness

Melissa Wray, author of young adult novel Destiny Road interviewed me, Karen Tyrrell on the TRUTH behind ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness.

Melissa dared me to reveal the teacher pressures and passions compelling me to write ME & HER my memoir of RECOVERY.

Melissa wanted to reach the CORE of ME & HER: […]

Tahiti: My Idyllic Writing Retreat

Tahiti lagoon and infinity pool

For one luscious week I explored Tahiti, my idyllic paradise … immersing myself in the exotic French Polynesian culture in a soothing tropical environment. Days of surrendering and relaxing in the sunshine, experiencing the here and now.

Snorkeling in lush lagoons … safari trekking through rugged rainforests, waterfalls […]