The SECRET of Submitting your Manuscript to Publishers

IMAGINE! You have slaved over your beloved story, completing your manuscript to perfection! What’s your next step in getting your story published? How do you develop a kick-ass submission package that will eXcite and ignite a Publisher?

**I wrote this blog to unblock my paralyzing FEAR of submitting to Publishers. For too long I’ve allowed […]

How to write a *WINNING* Book Proposal

How can I be MORE pro-active in getting my books published?

What’s the best way to pitch my book to a Publisher? … The answer is … a *WINNING* book proposal.

More and more publishers are requesting Book Proposals as part of their submission package. A well researched kick-ass book proposal can excite and ignite […]

Friday Pitch Update

I’ve ridden a Roller-Coaster of emotions this week from disillusionment to euphoria and back again.

I’m still breathless.

7 days ago I submitted my first chapter of Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness via Friday Pitch …

No word. No contact. A silent rejection … Bummer!

But I’m ready to move on. My writer’s […]