How do Writers FIND a Agent?

I was grappling with my greatest dilemma … Do I really need an agent? … Do I know enough about the publishing industry to go it alone? … Is it worth paying an agent a percentage of my contract?… Can an agent help my Publishing career?

The pros and cons swum round my writer’s brain […]

Left Brain, Right Brain

In a former life, I slaved as a teacher, a radiographer and a bank Johnny. Very left-brain ho-hum.

I now exercise my right brain, writing stories, living out fantasies through my characters. Some days, I’m Josh – Super Space Kid capturing space monsters and saving the Galaxy – in my kids Sci-Fi novel, Josh and […]

Clan Destine

The secrets out! I’m no longer a closet Clan Destineer. … I’m the latest Clanner to join the horde at Clan Destine Book and Author Portal. And I’m awaiting my diabolical initiation as I pass through this new Threshold.

Clan Destine is a website dedicated to LOVERS of Genre Fiction ─ Crime, Thriller/Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, […]

Am I Brave Enough?

This week has been an incredible ride for me … my announcements about my completed memoir Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness … launching my website and Karen’s BLOG.

The overwhelming support has been amazing. Thank you! Next week the hunt for an Agent begins. Its all happening so fast.

Now let me pause […]