SQUEE! ME &HIM: Published in 2013!

WOOHOO!  Happy New Year 2013!
I’m cracking open the champers! Dancing from room to room. I’m so eXcited, I could burst!
I will finally see my memoir  SEQUEL in print, sharing my Recovery secrets with the world.

I’m proud to announce: ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery will be published in March, 2013.

ME & HIM reveals the shock discoveries that cast my first memoir ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness in a new light.

I highlight the crucial role of my husband, Steve played as carer in my recovery from parent harassment and subsequent mental illness.

In this self-help memoir, I share practical mental wellness advice, de-mystifying meditation, addressing sleep problems and I explain how to beat depression and anxiety.”

Please Read the controversial opening page of ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery HERE

Read the First #20 pages of ME & HER:  A Memoir Of Madness Here for FREE

What do you think?

You my friends gave me the courage, spurning me on to take ME & HIM‘s publishing future into my own hands.
~ The best way to predict the Future is to Create it ~

A special thanks to Anthony Puttee of Book Cover Cafe…  

Anthony offered his professional guidance & collaboration, supporting my venture to independently publish ME & HIM.

This week was my Pro-active Week! … ACTION TIME!! ♥
After much research and advice, I developed a detailed page step-by-step action plan to ensure ME & HIM’s publishing success at every stage.
A launch date is now locked in!

ME & HIM will launched on the 5th of March, 2013 at Logan North Library, Brisbane.

That date and venue are now confirmed. My memoir will be advertised widely through Logan Libraries networks, via their printed brochure, reaching out to thousands.
I’m investigating other venues for co-launches and book signings.
Please stay tuned for MORE announcements.
Thanks for your awesome encouragement, supporting my unique memoir.

Please put ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery in capitals in your diary for 6 pm 5th March, 2013. Hope you can join me there!

Officially 2013 is The Year of the Student!!

But I’d like to think 2013 as the Year of Mental Health 

How are you making 2013 a healthier year for YOU?

Will you be supporting ME & HIM : A Guide to Recovery?

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13 comments to SQUEE! ME &HIM: Published in 2013!

  • Lexie Mitchell

    May 2013 be your best year yet, Karen,

  • Thanks so much Lexie, for your awesome wishes and friendship. Hope 2013 will be your BEST year too … Karen 🙂

  • Jan Mills

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s off to a great start. So happy for you. You have my support with bells and whistles!
    Have just read this quote by Mary Tyler Moore: “Pain nourishes courage. You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.’ I think you’ve proved her point!
    Jan x

  • Thanks Jan for all the kind support, friendship and feedback you’ve given me for ME & HIM: a Guide to Recovery. Thanks for being their along my writing and publishing journey. I LOVE that quote. YES, I have experienced the PAIN, Now I will begin the JOY!… Karen 🙂

  • HEY Karen. GO FOR IT. Well done. Just hoping I might be in the right place at the right time for your launch/es (NOTE TO SELF: Read all properly again). May 2013 be the bestest and most successful year yet for all of us.


  • Thanks so much Lannah, for leaving your kind message. I was just about to reply to your last email and discovered your response here.
    Hope you’ll be able to make one of my launches: face-to face or online.
    Wishing you an awesome 2013 !!… Take care … Karen 🙂

  • Art Antonious

    YAY! WOOHOO! HOORAY! This is exciting news to kick start the new year! I am so happy and extremely proud of your courageous efforts to follow up writing the sequel to ME & HER and getting it published in March 2013! 🙂 Congrats in advance, Karen. I am confident that ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery will be riveting reading and another successful best seller!

  • Thanks so much Art. I’m ecstatic to finally Release that exciting news, I’ve had to keep under wraps.
    I’m praying and hoping that *ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery* will be able to change lives and support mental health! … Karen 🙂

  • HI Karen,

    Congratulations on another book. It sounds like self publishing was the way to go for you after all!!!

    I’m hoping that I can make it to the launch. I made it a new year resolution to attend LCW’s events. So will try my hardest 🙂

    I like the title “Me and Him”…I think it speaks volumes in terms of the behind the scene issues around mental health issues. I tend to agree with some of the others regarding the being strategic and careful with how you make the first book appear (comments around lies and deceptions) but I’m very sure that by now, you’ve worked it out.

    Again, congratulations!!

  • Wendy Johnson

    Can’t wait to see it in print K xo

  • hey Wendy, neither can I!! LOL. PS Making more announcements about ME & HIM :a Guide to Recovery soon. Please stay tuned… Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Stephanie,
    It will be fantastic to have you there at my next launch. I have some exciting announcements coming up soon. Please stay tuned.
    PS About the lies and deception regarding the background story to ME & HIM. All will be revealed soon. Some disclosures will shock you as they did me … Karen.

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