Song Bird Superhero Braille House

Song Bird Superhero Braille House

Today, I, Karen Tyrrell, visited Braille House with Steve to witness the final stages of Song Bird Superhero in Braille.

Braille House published  Song Bird Superhero, for vision-impaired children to enjoy.

I’m deeply honored Braille House, Brisbane, chose my book, Song Bird Superhero. Thank you. 🙂

What’s Song Bird Superhero about?

Rosella’s nightly dreams are filled with flying.

Too bad her waking hours are a living nightmare:

SongBirds’ flying inventions crash.

 Her kooky parents are over-protective.

 Her singing shatters windows,

 The principal bans her from the science fair.


Worst of all she lives next-door to Frank, an evil boy genius who’s determined to see her fail.

Rosella is the girl least likely to soar, and yet when she learns to sing something incredible takes flight.

Rosella becomes Song Bird, a flying superhero who saves the day

Can Song Bird defeat Frank’s evil bullying ways?

Themes: empowerment, disability, perseverance, bully prevention, inclusion

Song Bird Superhero Braille

How did Song Bird Superhero Get Published into Braille?

  1. Braille House requested my book.
  2. Reviewers read it, deeming it suitable for production.
  3. Volunteers transcribed Song Bird Superhero into Braille.
  4. They bound the printed pages together to make a special Song Bird Superhero book.

Braille Printer

Adding Braille tape to the cover


Add spine title to outside folder.

Today, I was amazed to see my very own book in braille, volume 1 and volume 2.

Its NOW available for children to read … ring or order online.

FREE bookmark to the first five readers!!

Voila Song Bird Superhero in Braille, Vol 1 & 2

Song Bird Superhero also is available in regular print too.

at Songbird Superhero SeriesAmazon & Booktopia

What is Braille House?

Braille House provides Braille and Moon tuition and reading material to empower people who are blind or have low vision to live with dignity and independence.

They are a voluntary association of people specializing in tactile literacy to ALL states of Australia.

Library: a free lending library of braille and moon books – click here or contact us on (07) 3848 5257 for more information or to access our catalogues.

School Visits:  If you have a vision-impaired child in your classroom, Braille House will help bridge the gap.

Braille House sells regular books $5 or less which help fund Braille books

LIBRARY: Andrew Backhouse explains how children’s books are made into Braille.

 Song Bird Superhero PANTOMIME

To celebrate, my side-kick Steve and I will perform a FREE interactive book pantomime at Braille House

Come to Song Bird Superhero and Friends with costumes, music and FUN.

We present pantomimes, storytelling and book signing at this FREE event.

Song Bird Superhero Braille

Save the Date:  10am Saturday 30th May

Braille House

507 Ipswich Rd, Annerley QLD 4103

RSVP:  Facebook Event Link coming soon.

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4 comments to Song Bird Superhero Braille House

  • Steve Tyrrell

    What a fantastic honour to have your children’s book published in Braille. This is an inspiring institution set up last century to help children with vision disabilities. At least we can help by donating SongBird Superhero to be translated into Braille. I hope other authors consider working with Braille House at some stage of their careers. Well done Karen

  • Thanks Steve for being part of our Braille House project. Thanks for taking photos today and volunteering to perform a pantomime or two in May at Braille House.

  • Thanks so much for coming to Braille House today and supporting our work.
    We love sharing with people the process of making Braille and Moon books and it’s extra special when we have the authors visit.
    I’m sure that all of our readers will love your book and you are welcome to visit anytime.
    It was really great to be there when you were helping to bind the Braille volumes of your book
    We are looking forward to your Song Bird Superhero pantomime on May 30..

  • Hi Andrew,
    So lovely to meet you today and for you to take Steve and I on a guided tour of Braille House.
    It was indeed an honour to help bind the pages of Song Bird Superhero.
    I can’t wait top perform our pantomime on 30 May … Karen & Steve 🙂

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