Published: How to Stress-Less

South City Bulletin magazine published my wellness article on How to Stress-Less in their August edition.

Wendy Johnson, editor strongly supports mental health, publishing stories that reach out to the community.

Check out my Personal Stress story …

“ Once I was severely stressed, barely able to sleep. Tormented by anxiety and night terrors. Stress had triggered mental illness within me …

When I empowered myself with a tool-box of techniques to cope with stress and learn Resilience, my overall feeling of health and wellness returned. ”

How can we Minimize Stress?

The first step in stressing-less is recognizing the early signs of stress … Changes to our moods and ability to cope … Changes to our sleep patterns and feeling over-whelmed. It’s all about being Mindful and acknowledging how we feel deep inside, connecting with our mind, body and spirit.

#6 TOP TIPs … How to Stress-Less

1.    Exercise. Greatest stress reliever of all. Start the day with a brisk walk with gratitude. Relax later with stretches and yoga.

2.    Learn to say NO. Delegate to others. Recognize when you’re overwhelmed. Request help.

3.    Infuse laughter into your life. Laugh out loud. Smile even if you fake it. Tell jokes. Have fun.

4.    Lighten up. Say ‘everything will be OK’. Positive self-talk empowers you to cope and to relax. You ARE what you think.

5.    Step away. Recharge and reset. Enjoy DOWN time … ME time. Take a warm scented bath … Indulge in a soothing, relaxing massage.

6.    Unplug your mobile, TV, computer and phone. Commune with nature on some level. Chill out in a simpler natural environment … Take a walk in the lush rainforest. Feed the birds. Watch the sunset. Plant a herb garden.

Check out the FULL #10 Tips  over on page 19 of  South City Bulletin.

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What’s the MOST AMAZING part about Writing for a Print Magazine?

Writing for South City Bulletin offers me a wealth of experience on submitting to deadlines, following guidelines and creating short, sharp writing features.
PLUS I get to spread the News about my Recovery memoir of HOPE, ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness in their mag. YAY!!

A special thanks to Wendy Johnson and South City Bulletin magazine for awarding me this awesome opportunity.

Hope those easy-to-follow steps gives your Health and Mental Wellness that extra boost.

And make your life a whole less stressful …

Were these wellness tips helpful?

How do YOU reduce your stress levels? … What works for you?

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3 comments to Published: How to Stress-Less

  • Wendy Johnson

    It’s one of the most helpful articles we’ve published Karen. Thanks for sharing your journey x

  • Thanks Wendy, for publishing my Stress-less article today and supporting my journey in the last twelve months.
    Loved your choice of the picture with the “Frazzled Man”. I’d love to write more wellness articles for you. Ones that will have a wide community interest base … Karen 🙂

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