Published Soon

WooHoo! Its official … My writing will finally be in print soon.
My short story, Price of Freedom will be Published in an anthology titled Being Bipolar.
Three months ago an editor whispered to me that I’d be included in the final mix but it had to pass the Publisher’s final decision. And it did!

Being Bipolar is a collection of dramatic short stories written by sufferers of Bipolar Disorder or their carers.

It chronicles the struggles and triumphs of everyday people with this challenging condition.
Trellis Publishing USA will launch Being Bipolar onto the book shelves in August, 2011.

Price of Freedom is about the battle that raged within when I was imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital. I so desperately wanted to escape, that I was prepared to do anything. Say anything.
Take a glimpse of my short story.

“In two hours time they’ll set me free. They’ve got to. I can’t take this prison any more. For over four weeks, they’ve locked me up in this psyche hospital. Away from my kids. Away from home. Away from my family … and they didn’t tell me why.

Now it’s mid-winter, shivery July. Last night my toes froze on the cold linoleum as I paced down the shadowy corridors, mulling over what would happen today. Thinking about my escape plan …” Karen Tyrrell 2010

I can’t wait to caress the first printed copies and sniff the glorious smell of fresh ink and brand new paper.
Can’t wait to thumb through the pages and read my story in print, first hand.

Today an Australian publisher emailed me, requesting the synopsis and first three chapters of
ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness.
For some time, she’s followed my website and has patiently waited until I completed my Rewrite.
Today I sent off those chapters with much anticipation and soulful wishes attached.
This could be the one!

I promise to keep you posted.

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