Percolating …

A BIG Publisher LOVED the pace and momentum of the first 60 pages.
Its fever pitched.
Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness is undergoing a Rewrite, that will make it Pacier throughout ─ a Real Page Turner.
Then the rest of the manuscript will continue with the initial 60-page momentum.

How do I achieve that?
Lucky for me I’ve just completed Year of the Edit at Queensland Writers Centre in November.
I’m using the skills I’ve learned at the course to analyse the August Version, chapter by chapter, scene by scene.
The two key words are Detached and Methodical.

At the moment, too many key revelations are disclosed in the first 60 pages.
They’ll be moved forward and interspersed throughout, maintaining the readers interest and engagement to the very last page.

I plan to delete extraneous scenes and reorder the remaining scenes so each chapter has a slow build of tension with its own climactic hook at the end.
The overall manuscript will be shorter, sharper and … irresistible.

Have I started to Rewrite it?
No way!
I’m letting all my ideas percolate for a few more days.
Until they’re bubbling away on a slow boil.

This time I plan to get it Right and … I’m not rushing.

This Post has been updated and edited.

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12 comments to Percolating …

  • Suzie

    Hi Karen, Gee I admire your guts and your drive. Only a few days ago, you heard the News. And now your Dreaming up New Plans …GO GIRL!

  • Thanx Suzie. I had to do something. By seeking advice and planning a Rewrite , I shoveled my way out of despair. The only thing I could do.

  • Carol Warner

    Wow, these changes sound spot on. I’m with you. I do think your novel will *sparkle* with this rewrite. I can feel it in my bones.

  • Thanx Carol, I’m excited by the Plans and I’m itching to start writing (and Deleting). Hope your bones are psychic or something … Karen :))

  • Good on you, Karen. Sounds like you’re on the right track. All the very best with the rewrites. I know it can be a hard and daunting process, but you’re right; take your time, be methodical and go for it!


  • Paula Beavan

    I will be watching this space with a great deal of interest, as I am attempting a rewrite of my YA novel and am at a total loss at the moment.

  • angie leeming

    Like a rich aromatic coffee…well brewed and enticing doubt you’ll get there!

  • Thanks Dee for your encouragement. The Hardest part will be when I have to delete scenes … some of them have been with me for years. I can do it … Snip, snip. Karen :))

  • Hi Paula, I have rewritten and restructured my memoir several times … always adding to the word Count. This time I’m doing a serious Delete and tightening the whole thing. Detached and Methodical. What doesn’t bring the Story forward … goes. Karen :))

  • Thanks Angie, hope this Fast-Paced Brew will be the Final CUP. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Wow, you don’t muck around do you, Karen? It’s fantastic that you have such a drive to get the re-writes done already, and that you already know which parts you need to edit, correct, and how you’re going to do it. You have a plan already – I love it!! Best of luck with the re-writes! xx a

  • Hi Amber,
    I’m so lucky to get so much advice over the last week including feedback from the Publisher. Today I received an encouraging and motivating Email, which only spurs me on. Thanks Amber for being such a wonderful supporter and believer in Me and Her … cheers, Karen :))

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