My Pro-Active Journey to REAL Self Publishing … Part 1



SQUEE! I’m celebrating my Birthday with Bubbles and promises of what 2012 will bring!

Yesterday I presented myself with the most PERFECT birthday gift imaginable. I registered my unique Book Publishing business name at the Office of Fair Trading, Brisbane. I can’t stop staring at the official certificate issued and dated with 19.01.2012, my birthday! Next I registered my sole trader name online as a domain to secure it on the world wide web. From now on I’m the proud owner of publishing imprint, Digital Future Press. Sounds professional, doesn’t it?

It’s really happening! … Another step closer to launching my gutsy true life story … ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness in May, 2012 … ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness reveals how parents repeatedly harassed a teacher, to breaking point and Beyond … and how I clawed my way back from Insanity.

What Stage is ME AND HER up to Now?

1. Sally Odgers, renowned author and editor, professionally edited, assessed, reviewed and proof read my manuscript, ready for publishing.

2. ME AND HER will be professionally type-set and formatted for eBooks and print books very soon.

3. I’m gathering the most compelling book reviews blurbs to be printed on ME AND HER opening page and on my book’s back cover. Check out round #1 of my book reviews so far … Adding more reviews soon. Please stay tuned.

4. As a registered publisher, so many new opportunities will open up to me. I have complete CONTROL over the publishing of ME AND HER … I can now purchase my own ISBNs (book barcodes). Please stay tuned for more updates !!

Thanks Anthony Puttee of Book Cover Cafe

for guiding me through the first VIP steps of REAL self publishing … Can’t wait to set eyes on ME AND HER‘s book cover that  Anthony will be designing soon.
Please stay tuned … I’ll be blogging about the next eXciting steps on my journey to REAL self publishing.

A Birthday Thanks …

Last night I returned home from my celebrations with your warm birthday wishes flooding my Facebook pages and emails. You overwhelmed me with your kind good luck wishes for my writing and publishing success … A sincere thank you 🙂

** What’s the BEST birthday gift you’ve ever given yourself?

** Have you ever considered REAL self publishing?

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