Mental Health Leaders embrace Me & Him: A Guide to Recovery

Major Mental Health organizations, leaders and advocates are embracing Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery with loving arms.

My recovery and resilience tool kit empowers YOU with coping skills for Bipolar Disorder, stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks and MORE.

I’m thrilled, in total gratitude for their overwhelming endorsement of my self-help manual as a healing tool and guide to wellness…

Richard Nelson, CEO of Queensland Alliance of Mental Health…

Richard spoke at my Brisbane  book launch, sharing his views on recovery using ME & HIM as an example.

He invited me and Steve, my Carer husband to relate our personal Recovery experiences to the newly formed Mental Health commission.

Me & HIM: A Guide to Recovery is a practical framework of experience wrapped around an inspirational story of struggle and success.’

Terry Kirkpatrick, manager of Mental Health Association Australia

Terry reviewed ME & HIM, lending MHAA Resource page to my mental health manual …

Karen Tyrell has survived and recovered from severe mental illness. In Me & Him: A Guide To Recovery Karen bravely discloses her journey of recovery from the highs of mania and the despair of psychosis.

She shares her insight about wellness and lifestyle skills that will help others suffering from episodes of mental illness as well as their carers.

Karen’s book describes the important role of her husband, Steve, as her carer and supporter and includes his perspective and influence not only on her recovery but also on maintaining her mental health stability following her recovery.
We can all benefit from Karen’s insights into the wellness skills that promote good mental health.’

Daniel G Taylor, Reviewer for MC Reviews, mental health activist shared his appraisal on Amazon …
‘Follow her advice and you will reduce the number of relapses you have – if you have any at all.’

Gabrielle Blackman-Sheppard, UK mental health advocate, author of Bi-Polar Girl says…
‘A gripping memoir helping bipolar sufferers recover by seeing themselves from all sides of their challenging condition.’

Art Antonius, mental health advocate, shares Me and Him’s wellness tools with his face-face recovery group.

5% sales go to Black Dog Institute, leaders of research into treatment of suicide,  depression and mood disorders .

I proudly display their Black Dog LOGO on my back cover.

On Amazon, Me and Him is listed in Psychology & Counselling > Mental Illness category. Readers have submitted #8 customer reviews, rating Me and Him with 5 Stars.  READ the reviews HERE

Click HERE to grab your copy of ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery OR read #15 pages FREE.

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4 comments to Mental Health Leaders embrace Me & Him: A Guide to Recovery

  • Fantastic, Karen. Keep up the great work. You’re an inspiration.
    Love and Light,

  • Thanks Robyn for dropping by to check out my latest Reviews. I appreciate your awesome support and encouragement … Karen 🙂

  • Lisa

    I read the information posted here with intrigue. I am a trained counselor in recovery from a lengthy cycling of bipolar illness. The periods and mania plus psychotic-depression have left an undeniably damaging residue on my previously normal-crazy life. I have been working on a book in which I share my experience. This is further motivation for me. Thank you for this. I look forward to reading the book.

  • HI Lisa, Thanks for visiting my site and responding to my self-help memoir, ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery at Amazon. Please check out my prequel: ME & HER: A Memoir Of Madness. A Teachers recovery from Parent-teacher harassment, PTSD and severe Bipolar disorder. I wish you well in your recovery and with writing …. Karen 🙂

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