ME & HER: A Memoir Of Madness *LIVE*

Angel Heart Radio host, Anayah Joi Holilly invited me to reveal ALL on my mental illness and how I recovered. I’m sharing my memoir, ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness via *LIVE* radio interview.

Anayah reviewed and praised ME & HER: a Memoir Of Madness

‘Feeling desperate after repeated harassment by parents at her school, dedicated teacher Karen Tyrrell escapes & runs.

Police & medical professionals find Karen holed up in a lonely motel room & thus began her journey into the world of the psychiatric system, & her journey with Bipolar Disorder.

Karen is a writer with a gutsy memoir – ME & HER: A Memoir Of Madness, a book that deserves a place on every book shelf … How did she claw her way back from Insanity?’

I’m very proud to be Anayah Joi Holilly‘s guest on a SPECIAL Broadcast edition of What’s Your Reality show. Anayah prides herself on being the voice for change, her motto for 2013 is ‘Align your passion with your purpose!’

Angel Heart Radio broadcasts round the world with listeners from Hong Kong to South America and from Europe to USA.

Please tune in to my LIVE interview on Thursday 21st February at 10am EST.

Listeners can ring through with questions via the phone number listed on this link.

Anayah will record our chat and it will be available for everyone after the interview HERE.

Will you be listening this coming Thursday @21st February?

Or will you tune in after it goes LIVE?

READ #20 pages of ME & HER: A Memoir Of Madness HERE

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