Radio: ME & HER offers Hope for those with Bipolar

SQUEE! Today I revealed my message of Hope for those with Bipolar Disorder (and their carers) to masses of eager listeners.

As soon as Maggie Reese, introduced me with her generous opening spiel, tears streamed down my face. My eyes fogged up as I divulged personal secrets from my gutsy book, ME & HER: A Memoir Of Madness via my *LIVE* to air blog radio interview.  Maggie urged me to describe how the repeated harassment by parents at my school served as a TRIGGER to me developing  post traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder.

Later I read an excerpt on my rapturous ecstasy of mania,  revealed my near-death experience and most importantly HOW my wellness plan and coping skills helped me to RECOVER and remain healthy. I shared my guide to Recovery and details of my support network.

WOOT! I Broke a Blog Radio Record!!

After the show, one of the producers contacted me, relaying the incredible News that today’s ME & HER: A Memoir Of Madness recovery show hit a new record for the LARGEST number of online guests EVER!

With tears in my eyes, I broke out into an almighty grin … thrilled I was able to reach so many people with my personal message of HOPE.

For those who missed the *LIVE* Blog Talk interview … Please tune into this RADIO recording … Please  remember to return here with your feedback. CLICK HERE

My Top #3 Recovery SECRETS revealed

  • Learn everything you can about your illness. Read real-life Recovery memoirs.
  • Enlist a watch-dog  buddy to monitor your symptoms & keep a close eye on you. A VIP part of your support network.
  • Start a daily journal. Write down what’s really on your mind. eXpress your angst, your emotions and your Recovery goals.

 Me and Her: A Memoir Of Madness is NOW available on Amazon.

READ the First #20 Pages for FREE here.

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