ME & HER. Houston: We have a Book Cover!

Drum roll please!
I ‘m launching ME & HER’s brand new book cover today.
ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness narrates my gutsy story about how parents harassed a teacher to breaking point and beyond. And how she reclaimed her life!

I’m so excited about my cover, I could burst … Just take a look!


I’ve waited for this  moment for so long … To turn my publishing dreams into reality

Thanks Kaz Delaney, YA author of Dead Actually for recommending my book.

Her powerful blurb adorns the top of the front cover!

I was totally hooked! It was instant!
… Kaz Delaney … author of Dead Actually, Allen & Unwin March 2012

Thanks Anthony Puttee of Book Cover Cafe

for designing my striking cover, promising to grab the Readers attention, interest and imagination.

I love his original graphics, colours and design … Hope you do too.
Anthony shares his expertise here for book cover design. Check out this link …

I’m ecstatic to share my new cover with my friends and the world.

Only five weeks to go to my book launch on the 1st of May!
What’s your first impression of ME & HER‘s unique cover? … Does it draw the eye?
Does this front cover entice you to read my memoir?

Celebration time!

PS Today I sent out #7 PDF Review Copies to professional reviewers!

Can’t wait to receive their feedback!

Please share my  BRAND-NEW cover with the world!!!

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44 comments to ME & HER. Houston: We have a Book Cover!

  • It looks fantastic, I love the roller-coaster on the side and the colors and the fonts. Book Cafe definitely know their stuff!
    And what an awesome recommendation to get – I saw ‘Dead Actually’ in a book store today and was talking about it – great job Karen, looks like you’re doing everything right 🙂

  • Thanks Charmaine, for your awesome feedback! I’m thrilled you LOVE Book Cover Cafe’s design. Dead Actually is an awesome book isn’t it.
    I’m so lucky to have Kerri Lane/ Kaz Delaney’s recommendation!

  • I love your cover, Karen. It’s fantastic. Very attractive and striking. Just like you, right? All the best. Wishing you great success. Cheers, Robyn

  • Thanks so much Robyn, for dropping by with your words of support and good wishes 🙂
    Me? Very attractive & striking?? LOL!

  • Love it, Karen!
    Wishing you mega sales,

  • Thanks Peter! I hope so too.
    Love to spread the word on recovery & Hope for mental illness 🙂

  • YAY!!!!
    So excited for you Karen and what a gorgeous cover it is!
    I know they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover but we kinda do don’t we? Well I know I do when in a bookstore 😉
    Congratulations and great job by Book Cover Cafe xx

  • Wendy Johnson

    Lovely cover, well designed and not too busy, makes me want to pick it up. Congratulations Karen, you’re living the dream xo

  • Thanks Rebecca for your Excitement! I’m thrilled with Anthony’s cover design too.

  • Thanks Wendy. Love your words … “I just want to pick it up!” 🙂
    Yes, it is a Dream … a wildly fantastical one!!


    ABSOLUTELY: But please tell me; is it a rollercoaster rail that is depicted on the books cover? Just wondering.You must be beside yourself; I know I would be; your very own book cover….CONGRATULATIONS.


  • The cover looks great, Karen.

    Congratulations and all the best for your launches.


  • Thanks so much Dee, really appreciate your awesome support. Glad you really like the cover.
    I’ll be back to you soon about the Blog Tour 🙂

  • YES Garry! Its a roller coaster rail and maybe a symbol of something else too ??
    Something I envisaged for my cover years ago!
    Thanks Garry for your awesome support over the last two years!! 🙂

  • Wow! I love your cover, Karen. Who designed it for you? You must be so happy to finally see your book coming together. It’s hard work but it’s so worth it. Think of all the people that will relate to your journey and be inspired by your own story! Well done!

  • Outstanding Karen. I really really do like the cover. Sums up but entices at the same time. Best of luck with launches and sales. Whoo Hoo, as they’d (I’d) scream on a roller coaster. 😀

  • An effective, eye-catching cover, Karen. I can hear your excitement! All your hard work about to come to fruition.

  • Hi Karen, well I gushed over on FB and am now here to wax lyrical some more about that fabulous cover. The colours are striking and the twisted rail is symbolic and yet has amazing punch. Yes, this is a book that would make me take a second look. That orange/red is a master stroke against the background.

    As for the cover ‘shout-out’ – I am humbled and in awe, and I meant every word. Thank you!

    I sincerely hope this book sells a trillion and I have a funny feeling it will. You’ve reached out to a lot of people, and you’re writing about something that very few people in today’s western society hasn’t been affected by. Your journey into the darkness was cruel and heart wrenching, but you’ve come through,and look at how your experience will help thousands of others… ♥♥♥ Thank you again and good luck!

  • And Charmaine? Thank you for the ‘Dead, Actually’ mention! ♥♥♥ Can you blow it a kiss and wish it well up your way??? LOL.

    Much appreciated.

  • Thanks Renee, Anthony Puttee from Book Cover Cafe designed the cover in partnership with me.
    Like you, I hope ME & HER helps people to think about mental illness in a new positive way.

  • Thanks Dimity, love your reaction to my cover!
    Only five weeks to go now, and its hard to contain my excitement! Want to break out and scream too!! 🙂

  • Hi Kathryn, Thanks for dropping by with your feedback!
    Its finally happening after seven years of developing this memoir! I can’t believe it!

  • Hi Kaz, You finally discovered my surprise for YOU! Thrilled you’re as excited as I am 🙂
    I’m hoping ME & HER can make a ‘little’ difference in peoples lives when they realize we’re all human but we can Recover!

  • Congrats Kaz/ Kerri on the success of of your book, Dead Actually. I spot it everywhere I go !!

  • Looks great Karen! They did a good job….Being a self-published book, will you be able to get it reviewed?

  • Simple, colourful and effective. I like it.

  • Good strong cover, Karen – have I missed something though? I thought the cover had an eye on it?

  • I call myself independently published Anthony, there’s a difference! I most definitely will get my book reviewed. I’ve had over #7 YES replies to reviews already … These reviewers include magazines, Review websites, mental health organizations and a Library, so far.
    Me and Her’s creds with winning a mentorship with the Society of Editors (QLD) and being assessed and edited by Sally Odgers, is opening doors for me.

  • Thanks Dale for your feedback on my cover… really appreciate it!

  • Thanks Sally, for saying that! The “eye’ that you’re referring to is from ME AND HER’S promotional postcard that I made over 2 years ago and is currently displayed on my Karen Tyrrell Author page. A new Cover photo will be going up over there soon, stay tuned!

  • Graham Clements

    Being a science fiction fan, I thought the red twisting grid thingy might have been an allusion to DNA – ie both you and her had the same DNA, were the same person.

    The cover is cheerful. I was wondering where book shops would put it. I haven’t looked into the biographies section of a book shop lately, but I imagine a lot have a photo of the subject of the biography/memoir on the front, so your cover would stand out amongst them.

    I figure if you plan to sell it online, the bright colors will make the cover stand out among other books on Amazon or wherever. You’ll need to ensure people can enlarge the cover so they can read the quote.

  • Thanks Graham for your thoughtful feedback!
    Congrats, You’re the first one to spot The Red Twisty Thing reference to DNA. There’s definitely a DNA theme in the book.
    Thanks for the suggestion on enlarging the book cover photo to read the quote. fabulous! 🙂

  • Karen you could not of asked for a better response and feedback for the cover. Narrowing our decisions down to this cover for the reasons we chose was spot on! Big thanks to everyone for the feedback. Fantastic!

  • Thanks Anthony for your brilliant work on the Cover. I’m thrilled with the fabulous response and interest it has created.

  • Lexie Mitchell

    Karen, love the cover. It expresses the subject of the book in a suitably subtle but very clear way. The colours enforce the message.
    Where and when will it be available for sale?

  • Thanks Lexie for your fabulous feedback. It will be available at all my book launches and signings plus lots of other places too, which I’m still working out … Please stay tuned 🙂

  • Heather Golding

    WOW! Karen! I gasped when I first saw your book cover design – and with the inevitable bright red roller coaster down the side of the book cover – that was a brilliant design! It instantly tells the reader what your book is about – your journey to hell and back while on a roller coaster ride… well done to Anthony Puttee in designing such an eye-catching book cover!! Congratulations Karen!! 🙂

  • Thanks so much Heather. I’m thrilled the roller coaster made such an impact on you. I can’t think of any other book with a design like that. Can you?

  • Judi

    Wahoooo! I love the enhanced contrasting colours that highlight the imminent extreme mood changes.
    The feedback you are receiving is spot on.

  • Thanks Judi, For your awesome feedback on my book cover, here and via email. Thanks for “getting” the obvious symbolism and the more subtle message. 🙂

  • Heather Golding

    I can’t say that I have ever seen such a unique design either Karen, so the choice of the roller coaster (and a bright red one at that too)on the book cover was an excellent idea – for obvious personal reasons, to which I can certainly relate myself, considering that one of my own book manuscript chapters is titled: A Roller Coaster Ride… Congratulations to you once again Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Heather, for your fabulous feedback. Hope there’s less Roller coaster rides for you now … And more plain sailing. Hugs xx

  • Thanks Ang for including me in your Blue Dingo Blog … Much appreciated!

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