Logan City Writers

Karen Collum and I ... Pens are poised.

Karen Collum and I ... Two members of Logan City Writers ... Our pens are poised.

Tomorrow morning a LOGAN NEWS photographer will arrive at my house to do a Photo Shoot for a story on Logan City Writers … YAY!
So why do I feel so damn ‘GUILTY’?

I promised my writing pals we’d be in a group shot together. But the Newspaper wants just me and one other writer … That’s it.
Somehow I feel I’ve let the group down.

Logan City Writers are such an enthusiastic lot, wanting to promote Creative Writing in Logan City and showcase the talent of writers who live there.
And so am I.

Last week I met with the Mayor, Pam Parker and the Logan Libraries Programmer, Janet Poole and put forward my ideas on how to Raise the Profile of Creative Writing in Logan City.

What are my plans?

•    Promote Logan City as an emerging Literary Centre.
•    Raise the profile of Logan Writers within the Logan Community and to greater Brisbane and Australia.
•    Encourage and support Creative Writing within the Logan Community

I’ll be meeting with Janet Poole in the next few weeks to discuss practical ways to implement these ideas.  Many exciting writing events are proposed.

I’m now asking all Logan City Writers to come forward to be involved, especially Published Writers. If you know anyone who may be interested, please spread the word.

I’ve formed a Facebook group, Logan City Writers for resident writers. (Type Logan into the search).

A supporters Fan Club will be set up soon.
Logan teachers, I invite you to join the Logan Writers Fan Club as several Logan writers are planning school visits.

Check out the gob-smacking talent we have in this region!

Tomorrow when Karen Webb Collum (Children’s author) and I say cheese for the photographer …
I hope Logan City Writers will understand we’re grinning for them all.

NB … This post and some comments were edited by the Moderator.

UPDATE … My son snapped these two photos after the official Photographer left. Clever boy!

Take a Sneak Peek of our latest books.

Take a Sneak Peek of our latest books ... Books displayed are from ... Ged Maybury, Helen Ross, Karen Collum and Karen Tyrrell ... Photography by Ryan Tyrrell.

Not bad for my first professional shoot …

What do you think of  my new haircut? Coiffed and blow dried minutes before the photographer arrived. Phew!

Original photos will appear in the Albert & Logan News very soon with a STORY.

Watch out for them!

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30 comments to Logan City Writers

  • Mike

    Newspapers these days generally like 2 or3 people in their shots.
    This is the reality. At least you tried to get the Group Shot.
    Don’t sweat the little stuff!

  • Mike, Its not just the photo … When they did the interview, they encouraged me to answer personal questions. I said, I want the story to be about Logan City Writers. I hope they print some information I gave them about the group. Karen :))

  • Damon

    Hi there Karen,
    As someone from the other side of the fence (I work in media and PR), you have to understand exactly what you are doing when you set up a media interview.

    A journalist is always going to go with the best story – not necessarily the one you want but the one they think will best appeal to their readers and which they feel is the most newsworthy.

    It is a truism that people sell stories – not groups. It is much harder to identify with a group (which normally stands for an idea/intention) than it is to identify with a person.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the article (text) is mainly about you and there’s a side bar with the Logan Writers stuff (probably just a phone number/website/contact and maybe a short blurb) in it. You have a good story (in fact you’ve shared at least two parts of life in your writing) so it is not surprising that a journalist would pursue that angle.

    Read your own story above – count the number of times you write “I” and the number of times you write “we”. This is not a criticism but a fundamental truth about communication and the abstract versus the personal.

    BTW – I would also be making sure you chat with the QWC about Logan Writers. They are experts at doing raising the profile of writers and writing and can offer lots of great advice.

    I’m sure together you can really give Logan Writers a great boost.


  • Thanx Damon,
    Once again you’ve come to me with very sound advice. I appreciate the time and effort you’ve given me in your reply.
    I have taken note of all your suggestions. And acted on many already.

    Tomorrow I’ll be ringing QWC for advice on Logan Writers. Thanks again. Karen :))

  • Damon

    Hi Karen,

    I’m happy to offer any advice. Good luck with the photo shoot tomorrow.

    One other thing I would point out to you is that if you go back and edit posts (and then comments – yours and someone else’s – to reflect the changes you made to the original post) you really should make a note that the post and comments have been edited.

    You don’t need to say what has been edited but the normal convention is to at least note that you have edited the text – especially as the internet can take snapshots at different times and you can wind-up with a really confused timeline if someone read the material before the edit and then commented afterwards.

    If you are going to try and keep everyones comments relevant if you edit a post then you are taking on a massive job.

    It is fine to change and edit stuff (I have no problem with the moderator of a site fulfilling their role) but please make a note of it (even with a simple edited by moderator note).

    A blog with comments is by its nature a discussion and people will often change and refine their opinions based on extra information and advice as it becomes available.

    In this case, I don’t have the ability to edit my comments as you are the only one with editing rights so it is simple courtesy to acknowledge that you have done so.


  • Thanks Damon,
    I honestly wasn’t aware of the courtesy of acknowledging changes to the blog and comments.
    Once again … you saved my skin. Many thanks. Karen :)) … PS So much to learn.

  • Hi, Karen — wonderful that you are raising your profile, along with that of other Queensland writers. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Great advice from all above. Hope you enjoy the interview today. Sounds like fun. Joanna :))

  • P.S. Beautiful haircut — very glam. You look lovely too, Karen Collum. Nice that you got to sit in front of some of the books of Logan Writers. Makes a great photo. J:))

  • Hi Joanna, I’m so proud of Logan City Writers. They’ve really got behind this whole thing … I had the phone interview the other day and I’ve emailed a few extra bits.
    Karen :))

  • Joanna, Glad you like my haircut … Karen Collum always looks glam! After the official photographer left, we imitated the Poses and my son snapped the shots. K:))

  • Congrats Karens! You both look very happy.

  • Thanks Katrina, It was so much fun but only lasted ten minutes. I’m still smiling. Karen :))

  • Madonna

    Re new hair style -Tres chic Madame!
    .. Logan appears to be a little oasis of creativity and a Happy Place Karen…congrats on your contribution .No doubt very rewarding journey for all parties.

  • Oh Merci beaucoup, Mademoiselle Madonna. This is just the beginning for Logan City Writers. Who knows where this will lead? Karen :))

  • From a few comments to the Mayor, to a photoshoot and article in the paper (and a Jennifer Aniston hairdo), in a couple of weeks…Great beginning, Karen. You’re doing a great job.

  • Thanks Ian, the whole thing just started off as an impulse and just snowballed. Its been one heck of a fortnight … Karen :))

  • Norma

    Hi Karen. Thanks for starting what I know will be a progessive writers group. Just what we need. Norma

  • Hi Norma, What a lovely surprise to find you here. I have Big Plans and aspirations for Logan City Writers. As a collective we’ll have a strong voice in Logan. Thanks for joining. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Barb F

    Hi Karen, I’m not very educated on the facebook sites and groups :~}

    I did receive your message about the workshop at the hyperdome…can I leave it as maybe? I am finding it hard to commit to days out as everyday is different for me with my health. But I am considering doing what you suggested and putting all pages from my children’s story onto one page. I hope this won’t affect the workshop by saying “maybe” but feel it would be great to leave it open…then hopefully I will be able to make it 🙂

    Thanks for your input, very much appreciated!

    Ps. Do I need to register on this web page…or am I already a member from facebook?

    PPs. Thanks for the latest news letter…really interesting!

    Barb :~)

  • Hi Barb, Thanks for dropping by. About the workshop… RSVP on the LCW page as Maybe. Ring the library on Tuesday to book. They ring you a few days before hand to confirm. To join Karen’s BLOG … go back to Facebook > go to Home > go to Groups > find Karen’s BLOG > click on Join … Many Thanks. Karen :))

  • Congrats on the interview Karen and setting up the meetings with the Mayor and the libraries programmer.

    I’ve been working actively online to raise the profile of the Gold Coast Writers’ Association since I became president last September. I setup a Facebook Fan page, Twitter profile, and Meetup group which have all proved very helpful in getting the word out there.

    Also taking advantage of any free community advertising you can find is great, and running competitions that are open to non-members can get you some good media attention.

    I’d love to come along to a meeting sometime (I live on the north end of the Gold Coast myself) if they are open to non-members.

  • Thanks Jeanie for dropping by with your advice. Logan City Writers is in its early days. We’re a mix of writing groups and email and Facebook members but we’ve had a social meeting at Coffee Club. Next week we’re having a Formation meeting to organise small face-to-face groups. I’ve planned workshops and some very exciting Events for the near future … I’m sure you’ll hear about them soon. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Chris Archer

    Gidday Karen,Being basicly computer illiterate and an IT troglodyte, quill pens are fine, I have been inspired by Kev and Ant yesterdayday to start to dip my toe in. Who knows I may even have and Australis webpage started up to display our sagas one day. Ciao Chris

  • Hi Chris, I’m glad Kev and Ant inspired you yesterday. Hope to see your website up and running soon. Let me know the link and I’ll advertise it through the newsletter. You must join our Facebook group too (Logan City Writers) and advertise it there too. Good luck, Karen :))

  • Barb Foulds

    Hi Karen, I know I haven’t been very involved in the group and this is only because I am not well and am not able to attend the events you organize.

    Basically I am seeking information on how to publish my book. How do I begin to even find an agent??

    Who will do the illustrations for my book? Will the publisher find an artist or do I?

    I am still constantly writing and it is very unfortunate that I cannot attend any of your seminars, book signings and coffee meetings. I feel very blessed that you have set up a webpage and face book page but what I am really looking for is how to publish the book I have written….do I contact agents and publisher’s myself?

    I just don’t know what to do next….i have had this book written for over 10 years now and it’s still sitting there! I hope you will be able to help me just by emailing me would be great. The only thing is I would to tell you more about my situation but this is no a private way to do it…that is why I hardly ever write to you because I don’t want everyone else in your group to read about my illness. I must go now, i am not able to sit at my desktop or my laptop too long, which is also a downfall.

    I think what you have done to help other writers is awesome! Keep the inspiration growing!


  • Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for finding me here on my website. Each week I Blog about Publishing tips … How to write a publisher /agent query letter, How to write a book proposal, how to write a synopsis, how to find an agent etc. You need to work hard at Getting Published and research !! Please go the TOP of my website and scroll down for tips and information. I’ll email you soon with more info when I can. Good luck :))

  • kerrie Marshall

    Hi Karen
    We have a new writing comp out but we tried sending it to the email address for group and it bounced back. Are you interested in a copy, if so can you email me and I will send it. 1000 words open theme.

  • Thanks Kerrie, For letting me know about the comp. I’ll email you 🙂

  • skye

    Can you tell me where i can find writing groups for children 10yrs. My daughter topped 13% creative writing in Australia in her age group and would like to pursue it further

  • Hi Skye,
    Thanks for getting in touch with me.
    Can you please tell me where you live ? I will then get back to you with a list of suggestions to support your daughters creative writing. … Karen 🙂

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