July’s Jumpin’

What a month already!
July’s proving to be my most successful month yet!
On Tuesday, the Society of Editors Mentoring Scheme accepted ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness into their program.
Thank you Queensland Writers Centre for recommending this program to me. xx

What does that Mean?
A Team of Editors will examine my Memoir and suggest ways to “amp” it up … They’ll provide a written structural report I could use to market ME AND HER.

An Editor contacted me, wanting to know what feedback Publishers had offered already and what changes I had made.
I explained the positive Feedback, my manuscript had generated with each successive Publisher.

I hope this Mentoring Scheme boosts my manuscript and thrusts it over the Publishing Line.

** NEWSFLASH  #1 **
On Wednesday Chelsi, from Logan City Council challenged me …
Could I speak for 5 minutes at the RADF Showcase on the highlights of my Grant Project? … And answer questions from the public?
I gulped and said YES.

Last year I received a RADF grant to pay for the Year of the Edit, a QWC writing course to strengthen my novels.
The RADF Showcase is an information session on how grants can bolster your Writing and Arts career.
I’m sending invitations … Hope to see you on Saturday 31st July at Logan Art Gallery 2-4 pm.

** NEWSFLASH # 2 **
Yesterday, The Happiness Institute, a psychology network endorsed my article,
How I found My Happiness. It will be published to 12,000 subscribers soon.

And I’m waiting for NEWS on  Writing competitions and other story/article Publications too.

July’s gearing up to be one insane, challenging month.
Can’t wait for August too … But that’s a different Story

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