Josh and the It … Goes to School

Josh and the It launched with a test run today, firing up with an enthusiastic bunch of Year Fivers.
They laughed, giggled, clapped and cheered as Josh and the Space Kids learnt how teamwork can fight off those nasty Space Monsters and save the Galaxy.

My Kid’s Sci-Fi adventure story blasted off at a local School (Brisbane) as I read it to 5SB boys and girls. They’re studying  Space this term and needed a Fiction Novel that would appeal to this age group.
…And they absolutely loved it!

Cameras flashed, kids swarmed around me asking questions … I was the prodigal teacher-on-leave returning to my beloved school. Today’s visit and photos will also go on the School Website.

Many thanks to class teachers and  class 5SB for inviting Josh and the It to school, offering me this fantastic opportunity and making me feel like a celebrity.

Josh and the It
is currently under consideration by a TOP publisher AND an Agent.

** NEWSFLASH** … I’ve just joined Books for Kids, a community-based program promoting reading and books for ‘at risk’ children. You can donate books at participating Angus and Robertson and Dymocks stores.
Schools can get involved with fund raising … Laps for Literacy.
Their website has great tips for parent and teachers.

They’re seeking teachers and librarians to be Book for Kids Ambassadors to read and distribute books to children and support a community program.
I’ve signed up. Will you?

Josh and the It ...Blasts off at Edens Landing State School

Josh and the It ... Blasts off at School ... Thanks to Class 5SB for inviting me.

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14 comments to Josh and the It … Goes to School

  • Hi, Karen
    Congratulations on your debut ‘revealing’ of ‘Josh and It’. You deserve a glass or two of champagne tonight for the sparkling reception it received from the Year 5 kids. Sounds like it was a real buzz. You’re onto a winner!
    Joanna :))

  • Judy

    Congratulations Karen,
    Sounds like the kids really enjoyed your story.
    Checked out that Books for Kids website. Wonderful. Hope teachers will sign up.

  • Thanks Joanna, Just might have some sparkly tonight. Going out with my Book Club friends. I’m SO pleased with the kids reactions. Cheers,

  • Thanks Judy. The kids laughed at the funny bits, salivated at the food scenes and looked a little horrified when I built up the tension. Karen :))

  • Jenny

    Wow Karen. You must be feeling great right now! Congrats to you. All your hard work is paying off! Your head must be spinning in a really great way. Time to celebrate!

  • Gabriel

    The afternoon was a great success. Thanks again Karen, the children thoroughly enjoyed the snippet of the story and I along with them were left hanging … wanting to know what happens to Josh! Thanks for sharing your knowledge on writing as well as your story. You are an inspiration!

  • Thanks Jenny. This is the VERY first time I’ve read my story to kids. Really enjoyed their instant feedback. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Thanks Gabriel for inviting me into your classroom today. I got such a Buzz out of the whole experience. I know the Kids did too. Cheers, Karen :)) PS the photo is up now.

  • angie leeming

    All sounds so very positive… should feel very proud of your achievements…Congratulations Karen :))

  • Thanks Angie, for all your support and encouragement. Very much appreciated. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Kay

    Many thanks, Karen for including our school into your sharing of “Josh and the It”. It was great to see you demonstrating to the students that authors are every day people with great ideas and the skills to be able to share them with everyone. This kind of demonstration will lead to them thinking of themselves as potential authors, especially when it was in the context of their current learning and such fun. WELL DONE AND ALL THE BEST FOR THE FUTURE. We will be waiting enthusiastically for the publication of “Josh and the It” so we can put it on our Resource Centre shelves.

  • Congrats on the launch of ‘Josh and the It’. Wonderful to see the kids loved it. Great pic. Hope it’s out there in print very soon.

  • Many thanks Kay for your support and comment here. I especialy loved answering the children’s questions on how I write and where I get my ideas from.
    Please let me know when the story and photos are up on the school website. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Thanks so much Maggie. I really surprised myself on how much I loved interacting with the kids yesterday. Not this time as a teacher but as a writer. Cheers, Karen :))

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