Inspirational Magazine Features Song Bird Superhero


Inspirational magazine, Touchstone features my book Song Bird Superhero.

Song Bird Superhero by Karen Tyrrell (that’s me) features twelve-year-old Amy with cerebral palsy. Amy is best friend and trusted side-kick of superhero Song Bird! Together they battle evil, adversity and bullying through singing, science and self-belief. Amy empowers herself using her mathematical and science brain, inventing new gadgets for her wheelchair to support Song Bird.


Which inspirational magazine interviewed me?

Inspirational magazine, Touchstone published by Cerebral Palsy League, CPL interviewed me about my inspiration behind Song Bird Superhero. Their motto is Choice, Passion, Life. My story Bringing Superheroes to Life headlines on the cover of Touchstone magazine, Autumn 2017.

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Why did Karen Tyrrell create a character with Cerebral Palsy?

I’m an award-winning Brisbane children’s author. I present story-telling, pantomimes and creative writing in schools. I’m an ex-school teacher and have taught many children with disabilities. One little boy I taught was the inspiration for my side-kick character, Amy. He loved designing things and was the Maths and Science genius of my class, he just happened to be in a wheelchair.

I’m a survivor of bullying which eventually resulted with a mental illness (I’ve been well for 10 years). I talk to children about disabilities, diversity and breaking stereotypes. I teach children how to become strong and resilient.

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Why is Reading so important?

 Reading develops the mind of children, improving their language skills, igniting their imaginations and helping them to learn about the world around them.

Here’s an excerpt from Song Bird Superhero!

Amy scooted around me. ‘Why don’t you practise flying in your costume?’

‘Great idea.’ I started singing ♫ ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ ♫ and suddenly I was floating up into the air. The rotors vibrated under my hands and feet, but I didn’t know how to steer them. I flapped my arms fast. I smashed against one wall and bounced off another, and another, like a human ping-pong ball.


Sing smooth, sing smooth, I told myself.

With a bit more practice, I was able to glide around the living room and into the family room with outstretched arms. I COULD DO IT! My heart sang. I’d never felt so free, so totally me.

Amy clapped and cheered. She opened the sliding door that led to the backyard. ‘Now go outside,’ she said. ‘Go on, I double-dare you.’

But what about Frank, the bully next door? I sucked in a deep breath and headed outside. I zoomed around the backyard, my body streamlined like a torpedo, hands by my side, feet together. I felt sensational as I flew around, creating my own wind.

The bushes behind the fence rustled. Frank yelled, screamed and stamped his feet.  ‘I’m going to get you.’

He knew!”

What other books have you written?

STOP the Bully, Bailey Beats the BLAH, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra … Jo-Kin Battles the It.

I write books for kids on empowerment, self-confidence and being kind to others.

Song Bird 2 comes out SOON!

Nielsen Nursery

Where can families buy Song Bird Superhero?

To celebrate this magazine feature,  I offer a signed copy of Song Bird Superhero at a special discount price with FREE postage in Australia from my website:

Simply click on the Pay Now button for the special discount. Available NOW.

For overseas friends, Song Bird is available on Amazon HERE …  Song Bird Superhero

Happy Reading … Karen Tyrrell 🙂

Do my superheroes, Rosie and Amy inspire you to live strong?

How can we empower Kids with disabilities?

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6 comments to Inspirational Magazine Features Song Bird Superhero

  • Stuart Wainright

    Karen, how inspiring are you?
    A disabled girl in a wheelchair with kick-ass magiver skills and abilities.
    Lovely concept which demonstrates that real super powers begin inside a persons mind. Awesome!!

  • Thanks Stuart,
    For taking the time to check out my interview on my kick-ass side-kick girl, Amy and my connection with Cerebral Palsy.

  • It’s wonderful having Amy in this inspiring book. The fact that she is in a wheelchair is gently incorporated into the plot but is ‘no big deal’ ; it just ‘is’.. Love it!

  • Hi Klara,
    Thanks so much for checking my interview and feature story with touchstone Magazine.
    Thanks for supporting my disability character, Amy Hillcrest who just gets on with being amazing … and helping others.
    Karen 🙂

  • Awesome, Karen. Song Bird is such a special book with an important message. I’m pleased it is getting the recognition it deserves.

  • Thanks Norah, for supporting Song Bird Superhero and spreading the word.
    Book 2 will be coming out soon. Please stay tuned … Karen 🙂

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