How I found my Happiness

Dr. Happy, Tim Sharp of The Happiness Institute invited me to write a guest article for his eNewsletter, which draws over 12,000 subscribers. YES 12K !
He wanted to know how I survived the bad times of Bipolar Mania and found my true Happiness.

I was in rapturous euphoria, over receiving his invitation.

The Happiness Institute is a Sydney based Psychology network, offering practical tips and strategies on how to find more Happiness in our stressful lives.

This morning I read with delight my Published article in the Monday Morning Tip.
Dr. Happy described ME AND HER:a Memoir of Madness as ‘a personal and inspiring story of overcoming adversity.’
Please enjoy … How I found my Happiness

“I’ve Recovered from severe bouts of Bipolar Mania after spending several months in a psychiatric hospital.I survived those bad days by taking up writing, scribbling down what was happening to me, trying to make sense of the intense confusion I felt. Writing became a necessary compulsion to express myself, to get in touch with my emotions.

I found a psychologist whom I learned to trust and he encouraged me to off-load my anxieties and worries and express my innermost emotions. With his help, I discovered what triggered my episodes and I learned to avoid those triggers. He taught me coping skills including visualization techniques to enable me to ward off future episodes. Self-knowledge and self-awareness armed me with defensive weapons, fighting against the chances of future outbreaks of Bipolar.

I’m proud to say I’ve recovered now and I’m completely stable. Each day I maintain a healthy lifestyle by walking briskly, eating a healthy diet, minimizing stress and taking time out to relax. I make sure I keep a calm night routine to receive my full quota of restful sleep.

Today I have found my true Happiness, living a well-balanced life. Writing is my passion and my creative outlet, a way to share my Recovery story with others. My doctor tells his patients about my victory over Bipolar Disorder to offer Hope.

ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness … a memoir of Hope.

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How do you find your Bliss?

I really needed this affirmation today as I continue striving  towards my Writer’s Nirvana
I have only one wish …

To nail a Publishing Contract. This will make  my spirits truly soar.

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