A BIG Publisher

I can’t believe it!
A BIG Publisher finally emailed me today about my manuscript.
My first lengthy rejection letter!
I’m not *snoopy dancing* on the ceiling with my suction boots on, like I dreamt I would!
But I’m not slitting my wrists either, although giant globs of tears are staining my desk!

The email was an analysis of my manuscript with many positives and a prescription on how I could improve it … I just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t work with their Editors! … I would be oh so willing!
But I know for a fact this Publisher  publish Literary Memoirs.
Is mine Literary enough?… Many readers have labelled it unequivocally honest and thought provoking.

What’s the next step? …
I’m not sure!
This Publisher said other Publishers may not agree with their verdict, and accept the manuscript as it is. I need to talk to the Queensland Writers Centre and ask for advice before I do any rewrites.

This Rejection Letter strangely filled me with an overpowering Sense of Hope …I’m not giving up yet!
I’ve travelled this far along the Publishing Road!

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15 comments to A BIG Publisher

  • Karen – the road for a writer is always going to be littered with rejections. And I’m not going to tell you to buck up or dry up those tears because that’s only natural – let it out sister! But I’m so glad you’re feeling positive about it overall, it’s great that they took the time to give you feedback, and I’d just take it into consideration, and then decide the next step. QLD Writers Centre will definitely be able to help 🙂 All best, Angela

  • Chin up. Never give up. Never give up. Never give up. We’ve all had those rejection letters. Try not to take it personally. There could be a zillion reasons unrelated to the MS of why they couldn’t pick it up. And they at least gave it a detailed rejection so it was taken seriously. xx
    I’ve no idea of what ‘Snoopy Dancing’ is but I think I’m glad you’re not doing it.

  • Mary

    Hi Karen
    Commiserations re H.C.
    And good wishes for the next stage – we know how many rejection letters lots of now-famous authors received.
    Great to have received feedback from them and QWC sounds like a promising next stage.
    With you in spirit & sending lots of love and good vibes.
    Mary xx

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Oh well. Glad it was a positive rejection letter, Karen. You should read Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’. He had a whole spike full of rejection letters (it was almost a Collectors’ type collection of rejection letters). Par for the course. Keep your chin up. Just a matter of time and finding the right publisher to fit the right market for your book. Just think — at least you are writing, and that is the main thing. Plenty of lazy writers like me who should be writing right now, and aren’t!! Hopefully Kim’s YON will whip a bit of writing discipline into me. Congrats on getting onto your second novel already. All the best, Joanna :))

  • Sue Bond

    That’s actually fantastic, Karen. Not that they didn’t take on your manuscript, but that they took the time to read it and give you feedback. Not a small achievement to interest them enough so that they would do that! So good on you, and keep up the faith in your work. I probably don’t need to write that to you because you ARE keeping up the faith in your work, and that’s terrific.

    Best wishes,

  • Michael

    If they took the time to analyse your manuscript and make suggestions then you should have an ‘overpwering sense of hope’ Karen. You can bet that very few submissions would receive such consideration. A rejection yes, but hopefully one step closer to the acceptance. Keep stalking your dreams.

  • AJ

    Keep ya head up!

  • Lisa

    Karen, the fact that a publisher read your MS and took the time to give you a detailed critique is a huge positive. Just let the dust settle on their analysis – make changes if you feel it’s worthwhile and go again!

  • You are so inspirational!
    Never give up 🙂

  • Karen, I’m so sorry about the rejection 🙁 It’s awesome to have a ‘positive’ rejection as opposed to a ‘thanks but no thanks’ generic rejection. The very fact they read your manuscript and gave you detailed feedback is amazing!! Congratulations. I hope this is just another stepping stone on the road to publication for your amazing memoir.

  • Ian

    I think it’s great news that the bad news was so great. Even if they’re not publishing you, they’re encouraging you and taking you seriously. Keep going.

  • Cry – it will make you feel better. Never give up – that will make you feel better too. It will be published. You know it, I know it…”they” just need to know it. It will be published.

  • Angie

    Hang in there Karen. People are taking the time to read your work. It’s only a matter of time before you reach the audience. Take care.

  • Thanx Angie! Thanx everyone! I feel I have just received one GIANT warm Hug across Cyber Space!!

  • What a super-fast turn around, and with comments to help you if you want to take them on board, too. That’s the best kind of rejection because it means you’re good enough to publish, or will be, with just a bit more work! Congratulations!

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