Grace’s Mystery Seed Giveaway

Grace’s Mystery Seed by Juliet M Sampson

Picture book illustrated by Karen Erasmus for ages 5-9

Published by Ford Street Publishing

Reviewed by : Karen Tyrrell

Who is Juliet M Sampson, author of Grace’s Mystery Seed?

Juliet M. Sampson is a Melbourne-based award-winning author of books for children and for grown-ups.

Dance Demons, her third novel won 2016 Book of the Year in the Reader’s Choice Awards in the AusRomToday competition. She was also one of ten finalists for 2016 Author of the Year in the same competition. Her other three books are Behind the Mask, Bon Voyage! and Outback Wonder.

Her first picture book Grace’s Mystery Seed is released in early 2019. Juliet’s claim to fame was that she attended the final Masterclass of famous Australian author Bryce Courtenay before his passing in 2012.

Who is Karen Erasmus, illustrator of Graces Mystery Seed?

Karen is a talented illustrator and artist who lives on the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne – a beautiful and inspiring part of the world.

What’s Grace’s Mystery Seed about?

 ‘Polly likes these stripy seeds,’ Grace said. ‘What are they from?’

‘Let’s find out,’ said Mrs Marino.

Grace and her neighbour plant a mystery seed. They wait and wait for ages. Then a little green shoot starts to grow . . . and grow . . . and grow . . . until, at last, Grace discovers the truth about her amazing mystery seed.

Intrigue and wonder lead children to find out what grows in this book.

What’s my Review of Grace’s Mystery Seed?

 Intriguing picture book about Grace and a stripy seed she discovered.  Grace’s asks: what plant will this seed grow into?  A flower or a plant? Children follow the journey of a young girl’s adventure into solving a nature puzzle.

Grace’s Mystery Seed fosters a love of gardening, wildlife, nature and the environment.

 Themes for Graces Mystery Seed :

Gardening, plants, backyard, environment, nature, birds, neighbours, growth

Find Juliet M Sampson on or enquire at your local bookstores.

Teacher’s Notes for Grace’s Mystery Seed – Ford Street Publishing

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12 comments to Grace’s Mystery Seed Giveaway

  • Artelle Lenthall

    Now, I want to know what the mystery seed is too. Maybe, I’ll be lucky and won’t have to wait as long as Grace to find out.

  • Vivian Criterion

    Lol The comment box mis spelt what I said.I said I have a daughter named Grace who would devour this book. I hope we are in for a chance of winning.

  • Thanks Vivian for leaving a comment. I love the name Grace. Good luck in the competition. Cheers, Karen 🙂

  • Hi Artelle,
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my Book Giveaway. Good luck in the competition. Winner will be announced on the 2nd May, 4pm. Best wishes, Karen.

  • Unless one gets to know plants and their seeds very w
    all, they can be like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get!

  • This books links what I love best – imagination and nature! Would love to share this book and create some great activities to accompany it!

  • Cenly

    Would love to read this book. Love love love nature and want to pass my passion of nature, environment and conservation to my 4 boys.

  • I’m pretty sure I know what that mysterious seed is, knowing Juliet. I’m sure the kids who access my Just for Kids Street Library would love to find out what the mystery seed is.

  • Judy Taylor

    I love the mystery of nature. I am intrigued to discover what the mystery seed is. ❤️

  • I’d love to know what the seed becomes. Thanks for the review and info about author and illustrator. Great work.

  • Mary Yu

    What a curious title. I’d love to know what the seed will be.

  • Hi Mary, Thanks for checking out Grace’s Mystery Seed. Good luck with the competition. Winner announced on 3rd May,2019.
    Cheers, Karen 🙂

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