Friday Pitch

A few weeks ago, I questioned Am I really Brave Enough?

With your over-120_2098whelming support, I am brave enough to announce a new sub-title to my book.
Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness
I’ll give you time to scrape yourself off the floor … Okay? … Are you all right?
Yes, my memoir is about my journey with madness and mayhem. And there’s definitely no depression in sight! I promise.

Today has been a HUGE day for me in many ways!
I’ve just sent my submission to a publisher. My stomach is churning all fluttery, a mix between intense excitement and dread. After working for three years on this manuscript, this could be it.

I’ve found a way in and emailed my sizzling first chapter and synopsis to the Australia’s biggest Publisher, Allen and Unwin via Friday Pitch. Only on a FRIDAY. Their email address is Currently, they’re interested in adult fiction (crime, fantasy, thriller etc) and non-fiction.

Louise Thurtell, publisher of Allen and Unwin’s new Arena imprint will read my work. If she’s still interested, she’s contact me before next Thursday 5.30 pm to request more. If I hear nothing, that means they’re not interested at this time.

But I hope to knock them off their feet!

So now, I have seven nerve-wracking days, waiting to hear.
Fingers and toes crossed.

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20 comments to Friday Pitch

  • stevey

    Karen, you are indeed very courageous! I wish you well, in getting your book published.

  • Sue

    Hi Karen,

    Good title! I certainly can’t wait to read it. And I will sit tight until next week, wishing you success with A&U.

    Cheers, Sue

  • Best of luck with the pitch, Karen, and stay positive!

  • Simone

    my fingers and toes are crossed for you!
    Good Luck!!!

  • WYHOO!! Way to go Karen. You are definitely up and running. All that effort is paying off. Can’t wait to hear about your outcome.

  • Good on you. Crossing everything here for you and sending out great big “she wants to see the whole manuscript, pronto!” vibes for you, too. Looking forward to hearing more – (practising victory dance in advance….)

    Cheers, Lynn

  • Thanx Lynn and everyone, for your support. After I put up the blog I had to go out for a few hours to pace the grocery shop. Helps to beat the nerves … Feel better now!

  • Hi, Karen
    Wow, a huge day for you, sending off your first novel m/s to a publisher. All the best.
    Joanna :))

  • Angela Sunde

    Good on you! 7 days is far better than the normal 3-6 month wait. Do you have the book Australian Writers Marketplace? You can subscribe to it online too. It will list all the publishers who publish memoirs. Have a look through it this week while you are waiting.

    I have a children’s manuscript, 15,000 words, ready to send to a publisher. I would try the Friday pitch, but they’re not after kids’ material. The truth is I am scared sh…. to send it off. Seeing you do so has given me courage.

    It’s lovely to know you, Angela

  • Hi Karen,

    You have some really good posts up. Keep going with it, hope you do well with the pitch!

    Bye for now, Kelly.

  • Jan Mills

    Hi Karen,
    Only five more sleeps to go. I have butterflies
    on your behalf! I pray all your effort, experience
    and hard work will be rewarded.
    You are such an inspiration! You are shooting for the
    moon. Even if you miss (this time) you will land
    amongst the stars. Cheers, Jan.

  • Angie Leeming

    Hi Karen,
    Intriguing Title … still guessing about where this journey/memoir will take us! I want a copy off the first run – signed of course!
    Good luck, Angie

  • Andrew

    Congrats on taking the step of firing the ol’ manuscript missile in the direction of the publisher. I just hope you turned your guidance system on so you will score a direct hit!

  • Karen, that madness you mentioned wouldn’t be wanting to be published would it? I only ask because I’m looking for a support group to help me kick it and get back to normality (wannabepublished anonymous, maybe).

    It sounds to me like you’re doing everything right and being very proactive. You’re also being extremely brave in laying it all out here for us. I wish you the very best of luck and hope to see you announcing your success here before too long.


  • Thanx Graham for your comment. I hope my coming out will generate discussion on this subject. Best wishes, Karen

  • Thanx Commander Andrew for your support … The Homing Device is set on ACTIVE. Goal Target = Getting Published … Best wishes Karen

  • Fish & Chips

    I am your #1 fan all the way from Britain!

  • Marilyn Zoelfel

    Karen, I want to encourage you in your writing. I also want to say I hope you
    continue to enjoy the journey … writing, meeting interesting people via Bookclubs and the internet. And also other writers. Good luck. Marilyn

  • Thanx Marilyn. I’m enjoying the journey and I’ve met so many wonderful supportive people. Thanx everyone.

  • Louise used to work for Harper Collins. She requested my full YA MS when she was there but went on maternity leave. The new editor obviously didn’t like my book. She was very nice though.

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