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Positive psychology website, Chan6es  published a BLOG on ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery.

Q: How did I empower myself to Change?

A: “I was an abused teacher, tormented with night terrors. I escaped to a lonely motel where Police incarcerated me into a psychiatric ward.  After my release I wrote
Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness, which is about two emerging personas.
ME ─ wife, mother, writer and teacher and

HER ─ manic, psychic, healer to the living and telepathic to the dead.

“The sequel, Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery, is a self-help book, revealing shocking new discoveries on how my mental illness adversely affected my husband and Carer, Steve.

Me and Her is about my experiences into and out of mental illness.

Me and Him is a raw and honest account of how mental illness affects the individual and their family.

It contains a wellness plan to help you to live your happiest, healthiest life in stressful times.

“If I can recover from post-traumatic stress disorder AND bipolar disorder, think of what YOU can change in your life through using my strategies of wellness ” Karen Tyrrell

Read the first #15 pages of ME & HIM here.

Watch: You tube video From MADNESS to Recovery: My Bipolar Story

Go to Chan6es website to read the FULL story. Click HERE

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20 comments to Change Madness into Recovery Bookgiveaway

  • Art Antonious

    Having read “Me & Him” & listened to the Audio version! I was moved with inspiration and encouraged to make a positive change in my life & others around me. Hence I would love to win a copy to circulate & share it to a wider audience in my community! Thank you very much Karen for your determination and loyal dedication in making a difference to mental health! Your own courageous example to CHANGE Madness to Recovery is truly amazing and awe inspiring!

  • Thanks Art for your very kind words of support. Thanks for sharing ME & HIM with support groups and entering here to win another copy to share… Karen 🙂

  • Here is the link to Chan6es, Karen for anyone visiting your blog and wanting to catch your video
    I downloaded Me & Him on Kindle recently, and I’d recommend anyone wanting instant access to your books to use this service. However, as it is always much nicer to hold a book in your hands, especially one that has a lot of empowerment information in it, I’d recommend anyone reading your blog today, to comment to win a copy of Me & Him, me included: Especially if it is a signed copy :). Best wishes Karen ♥ Xs.

  • Thanks Chris for hosting my blog on your incredible positive Blog: website
    Thanks for buying a Kindle version of ME & HIM. Good luck in the competition.
    I’m giving away an eBook copy AND a signed print copy!! … Karen 🙂

  • sandra mccardle

    I would love a copy for my son and his wife. He is bipolar.

  • Hi Sandra, Thanks for supporting ME & HIM:A Guide to Recovery and leaving a comment. Good luck … Karen 🙂

  • Lynda

    What a great idea for a book! I don’t normally read self help books but love an autobiography, this is a great combination. I am newly diagnosed bipolar and will be starting Albilify (aripiprazole) in two weeks, assuming I’m well behaved in the meantime. What power ‘they’ have. I really feel for my long suffering partner, he’s stood by me like a rock for the three years we’ve been together and I really think your book would be just what the doctor ordered for me, him and my three adult children.

    Well done and congratulations on your publication.



    Karen u r one amazing lady with one amazing story to tell!! I must acknowledge the fact that your mum is and was a huge influence in your many successes. I would love to know how your books got to be so Successful when no publisher would even look at mine. I know I am not worth it is one reason.

  • sandra mccardle

    Would like a copy for my son and his wife.

  • Thanks Laura for your kind words about my Mum & support for ME & HIM:A Guide to Recovery.
    Whats my writing & publishing journey? When I left hospital, I joined several writers group and completed two six month writing courses. I wrote ME & HER:A Memoir Of Madness over six years with over 100 written drafts. My aim was to share my story to inspire others on their Recovery journey.
    Dear Laura, don’t give up on your personal story. Keep writing. Keep trying to be well & the happiest you can be … Karen 🙂

  • Hi Lynda, Thanks for connecting with me here and on Karen Tyrrell Author page.
    Thanks for sharing your personal story. I wish you well with your treatment

    Please check out my first book Me and Her:A Memoir Of Madness … Karen 🙂

  • Ree Johnson

    Hi Karen, I’m interested in your books for two reasons, one because I have suffered with a major depressive disorder and two I have a friend who has suffered for many years with bipolar, mental illness can bring people together but can also tear people apart, when I saw you with your books on facebook through Changes, I instantly thought, what a great idea, these books I want to read, and share with my friend. Regards Ree

  • Good luck Sandra. Hope your son and daughter-in-law are getting the treatment they need…
    Please check out my first book Me and Her:A Memoir Of Madness
    A teachers Recovery from parent-teacher abuse, PTSD and bipolar.

  • Thank Ree, for sharing your mental health journey and that of your friend.
    Hope ME & HER and ME & HIM can empower you to move forward and become more resilient…. Karen 🙂

  • Jan Moore

    I would love a copy of this book. I believe it would give me a deeper insight into mental health issues.
    In my job as a carer support worker, I can come across clients with mental health issues, as well as a couple of my friends who have mental health issues. I feel I would be better equipped to assist them to cope and recover from their illness.

  • Hi Jan, Thanks so much for your fabulous support of ME & HIM:A Guide to Recovery.
    I wish you every success with the VIP community work that you do … Karen 🙂

  • Krystal

    I have Bipolar Disorder & I’m always looking for new resources, both for myself & my loved ones. I’m on a constant journey of self-discovery & self-improvement, always holding on to hope of maintaining stability. I would really love a copy of your book to continue on that path! I’m hoping to eventually obtain a copy of both Me & Him, & Me & Her.

  • Thanks Krystal, for dropping by here. Thanks for sharing your experiences and your ultimate dreams. Wishing you wellness .. Karen 🙂

  • Sam

    I think Karen has done a wonderful job of bringing these conditions to a mainstream audience. I’d really love to read this book having suffered from PND and recurring bouts of depression (to this day) since then.

  • Hi Sam, Thanks so much for entering the competition and sharing your journey with depression and PND. I know ME & HIM:A Guide to Recovery will empower you. Please stay tuned for my MOST exciting news yet. announced here on my website on Sunday … Karen 🙂

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