Build your Writer’s Platform

A writer creates a story then sends it off to a Publisher.
End of story.
Right?  … WRONG!

In 2010, it’s essential for a writer to build a Platform, a Brand if you like.
More so, if you’re a multi-genre writer like me, with a non-fiction book titled,
Me and Her:a Memoir of Madness.

How do YOU build your platform?

First you must have a well-written and Publishable writing Product. Without that you have nothing to market.

•    Work out what your brand or niche is, and seek original ways to promote it.

•    Set up a website, blog regularly, gathering a following of Readers.

•    Network on social media sites. Participate on online discussion groups with like-minded people.

•    Actively join face-to-face groups, clubs and associations with those who share a common interest.

•    Give talks on your Expertise to libraries, schools, writing and interest groups.

•    Your writing platform proves your ability as a writer to promote and sell your book on a national or international level. It provides a measure of security to the Publisher and acts as a vehicle to promote your book and you, the writer.

•    You don’t need to be an entrepreneur or a marketing guru, you can do it yourself.


Building my platform evolved naturally for me … I speak on what I feel most passionate.

•    I’m a mental health advocate and Ambassador for Sane Australia. My powerful book, Me and Her:a Memoir of Madness is about my struggle and triumph over Bipolar Disorder.

•     I’ve launched a FREE ‘Me and Her Newsletter’, positive spins on mental health, to a growing number of subscribers.

•    I’ve submitted my main Memoir to manuscript competitions, and Bipolar short stories to anthologies, magazines, websites and competitions too.

Is my Platform working? A resounding YES!

My platform for Me and Her is triggering interest in the Publishing World, inquiries arriving from unexpected sources.

… ME AND HER will be Published.  It will.

**STOP PRESS** … Queensland Writers Centre is presenting Author Platforms Masterclass on the 20th November.

In the meantime, what are you doing to build your platform?

img_30801N.B. This blog was edited by the writer.

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20 comments to Build your Writer’s Platform

  • Ross

    Looks like this platform thing is working. Why didn’t you do it sooner?

  • Ross, I know. I know.
    But I really was too busy Writing to even think about it … Karen :))

  • It’s all coming together nicely, Karen. Well done! 🙂

  • Thanks Carol,
    I really think so too. Have you thought about your writers’s platform? Karen :))

  • Lexie Mitchell

    Because of your positive outlook and energy you are going ahead in leaps and bounds, Karen. I love reading your blogs.

  • Thanks Lexie, for your continual support and readership of my blog. I’m no longer living in fear but now trying to be courageous. Karen :))

  • Good post, Karen. I think building a network and getting your name out there is very important. You’re doing a wonderful job with your writer’s platform. Have you thought of putting all your blog posts re writing tips together into a book? It would be a good tool for beginning writers, and a good reference/checklist tool for experienced writers. It would be accessible to many readers as an introduction to the writing and publishing process. I can see it now: lots of colour and white space in the layout, cartoon ink drawings, dot points, humour, and advice as you have it here. Your personality would shine through the book’s layout and your writing style. Hell, it could even be an educational resource for high school students. Just an idea. All the best, Joanna :))

  • this is great Karen! You’re inspirational 🙂

  • Hi Joanna, You’re amazing! What a wonderful idea about the writing tips. I’ll definitely have to put that in my IDEAS BOOK. Thanks so much. Karen :))

  • Hi Tresha, Hope you can use some of these strategies for your platform. Thanks for your friendship. See you soon. Karen :))

  • Lynn Priestley

    All that hard will pay off soon, Karen. Just a matter of time. Good luck!

  • Lynn Priestley

    Hard work… That is!

  • Hi Lynn, I knew what you meant! Yes I hope so. I’m working hard all right. Thanks for the “Luck”, received with thanks. Karen :))

  • Hi Karen,
    Great post with lots of fantastic tips. Self promotion is really important these days with publishers accepting so few ms. There are so many tools available and virtual media that self marketing is quite simple. Having said that though, the ‘time’ aspect is the most difficult to harness.
    Best Wishes Karen.

    Jelli-Beanz Book Corner

  • Thanks Donna for your comment. I agree self-promotion can be time consuming so we need to become time efficient. Writing will always be our main game. Karen :))

  • This is a great post with some smart tips. Thanks Karen.

  • Hi Cath, Thanks so much for dropping by. Hope some of my tips are helpful. Karen :))

  • Thanks for adding me to your writer’s links, Karen! 🙂

  • My pleasure, Amber. Thanks again for sending me that BLOG Award :))

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