Recovery Life Story Published in a Magazine

SQUEE! emPOWER magazine published my RECOVERY story in its glossy Winter issue.

Helen Rosing printed a double page feature detailing my mental break down and Recovery … to encourage others on their life journey. The publisher revealed WHY I created my thought provoking memoir, Me and Her: A Memoir Of Madness.

emPOWER magazine publishes real-life stories, empowering women to create positive changes in their lives. Me and Her reveals how I transformed my life from sufferer of severe mental illness to mental health advocate, able to take control of my life and help others on their recovery journey.

Check out my emPOWER story sub-titled “Inspirational Profile” …

Having stepped out of the darkness of severe mental illness, Karen Tyrrell is now working to support those going through similar situations. Karen speaks about her journey and her latest book: Me and Her: A Memoir Of Madness.

“When I was a teacher, parents of one of my students harassed me to breaking point and beyond. These parents dished out daily verbal, written, emotional and psychological abuse. I couldn’t escape them. The school encouraged me to discuss my angst with a counselor but I laughed it off, saying I was all right. But I wasn’t.

“I became extremely stressed and anxious, developing acute insomnia and unpredictable panic attacks. Each night terrifying night terrors tormented me. I dreaded returning to teaching and to the class I once loved. My personal and family relationships broke down. I could no longer cope. My symptoms gradually grew worse until I experienced a psychotic break. In a fit of desperation, I escaped and ran to a covert motel hideaway.

Police arrived at my motel, pounding on the door, insisting I surrender myself.  A medical team forcibly escorted me to a psyche ward where they incarcerated me away from my family. Each day I wrote down what was happening, reflecting on my experiences. Writing became cathartic as I strove to recover and find out why I became so ill. Daily writing became a powerful tool to reflect on my condition and trial mental health strategies to aid my recovery.

Mental illness is like any other illness…                                                                               

“It has symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and Recovery. I challenge everyone to fight against the stigma of mental illness and spread my news of HOPE. Recovering from a severe mental illness empowered me in a positive way. If I can recover from the depths of mania and madness, YOU can do anything … Never, EVER give up!”

For the full story, click on this link HERE. Then follow the arrows to page 42-43 … Don’t forget to return here with your feedback.

Did I reveal too many personal details in this Magazine story?

Can Me and Her: A Memoir Of Madness encourage others through  their difficult times?

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Me and Her : A Memoir Of Madness now available on AMAZON …  click HERE

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6 comments to Recovery Life Story Published in a Magazine


    Karen, YOU should be very proud of this review. You are, finally, moving into more mainstream magazines.
    I especially liked your message to your readers that mental illness is like any other illness and that those who have any illness must “Never, EVER give up.”
    On behalf of one Bipolar to another;
    Smile and Shine. 🙂


  • Thanks so much Garry, for dropping by. I really appreciate your comment and words of support.
    Sending back your wish … Smile and Shine! 🙂 … Karen.

  • Congratulations, Karen. You never cease to amaze me. You’re an inspiration. Well done on another wonderful achievement. I wish you continued success on your journey. Love and Light, Robyn

  • Thanks Robyn,For your awesome support. Really appreciate it.
    Feel like we’re kindred spirits although our life stories as so different. Wishing you Love & Light … Karen 🙂

  • Congrats again Karen on getting your book out there! Brilliant…

  • Thanks Anthony for sharing my excitement with the Mag story. Congrats on your book launch and all your upcoming events … Karen 🙂

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