Yesterday Beyond Blue invited me to join their blueVoices national reference group.
I was stoked! … Not in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine BB asking me this!

I said YES!

As a member, I’ll be expected to voice my personal experiences on their committees, on community awareness campaigns and research studies.

In the future,  I could be asked to speak publicly at forums or to the media about my personal experiences through the Ambassador Program …YIPES!
So I better hone those public speaking skills! I knew being a Toastmaster would be handy one day!

I feel so proud to be invited to the blueVoices program, and to be part of an organisation that helps so many in the Community … I can hardly wait until my training begins.

PS … Still waiting to hear from the Publishers!

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14 comments to blueVoices

  • Mike

    Congrats Karen! This is a great opportunity for you to shine.

  • Gabriel

    Well done Karen. Sounds like you will be busy (or busier than you already are)!!

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Karen, I have only two words to say to you, darl: well done! Looks like all that positive book karma projection is paying off. Joanna :))

  • Andrew

    Good news. I just hope the publishers come back to you too!

  • That’s awesome. Congratulations! I know how important voices of experience like yours are to helping people deal with their own issues. It’s great to see someone using their difficult times for good. I heard someone once say, “Why let a good trial go to waste?” It seems to me you’re following their advice. Good luck!

  • Fantastic news Karen. What a great opportunity. Keep pushing those good vibes out there girl. It’s working, and well deserved – never doubted it! X

  • Mary

    Well done Karen. You will be so effective in this role. And congrat’s to BB for recognising your qualities.

  • That’s just wonderful. You really are rolling uphill fast. Talk about momentum! This is such wonderful opportunity on so many levels. I get the feeling you will be a terrific huge-hearted speaker. Looking forward to hearing more…

  • Wow Karen! All these doors opening and you pushed them open. Awesome! Well done. On another note. . . 8.30 sounds waaaay better than 7.00. I’ll be there!

  • Robin Adolphs

    Karen, I just sent you a ‘well done’ but the computer is telling me it didn’t send properly. Did you get it?

  • Thanx Robin, I received all three of your comments for the blueVoices BLOG. ( Deleted one that was repeated!) Much appreciated!!

  • Hi Lynn, Playing the Waiting Game with the Publishers. Keeping busy … writing my Crime Novel. When I hear something I’ll let you know!

  • That is absolutely fantastic Karen. You are well up to taking that role on. Congratulations.

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