August is Sci-Fi Month

Guess who’s on the Sci-Fi program at Logan North Library in August?
Yes, yours truly.
I’m so lucky to share this mega program with Sci-Fi and Fantasy celebrities Marianne de Pierres, Trent Jamieson, Kylie Chan, Louise Cusack and Rowena Cory Daniells who’ll speak on … ‘Simple Ways to Promote your Book’ on Grand Finale Day, 28th August 11-12.30 pm.

Logan City Sci-Fi writer Kev Webb, author of Dream Raider will present ‘Publishing … Dreams to Reality’ on the 14th August 2-3pm.

It’ll be a month of cosmic proportions … super competitions, extra-terrestrial encounters, fantastic Writing Workshops and its all FREE.

On Friday 27th August 4-5 pm I’ll read¬† Josh and the It to the Junior Book Club … Does anyone have any spare 6-11 olds I could borrow? Kids will receive prizes for best costume and complete a fun Space Activity.
Check out the full program, scroll down to see my session on page 11.

August will be an Out-of-this-World blast. Hope to see you there. Please book PH 3412 4120.

##What do you think of the FREE Josh and the It postcards I’ll be giving out at the RADF Showcase/ EXPO this Saturday at the Logan Art Gallery? …¬† See you there 2-4 pm.

PS This Blog was edited.


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7 comments to August is Sci-Fi Month

  • Congratulations, it looks great, Karen.

    I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous time.


  • Thanks Dee, I love this Post card too. Its the adult version, I have a kiddie version too. Can’t wait for Junior Book Club. Karen :))

  • Kelly Hart

    Hi Karen,

    Your postcards for “Josh and the It” look fantastic.

  • Thanks Kelly, Glad you like them. I’ll bring them along to the RADF display and keep the kiddie’s version for the library. See you next Saturday :))

  • Damon

    Ermmm…I hate to sound like a sourpuss but you are handing out postcards for a book that doesn’t have a publisher (as far as I know) and isn’t part of a publication schedule.

    Are you a little concerned about getting people really excited about the book and then not being able to deliver an actual copy?

    What’s the take home message from the postcard? A link to your website? Not meaning to sound critical but I’m really curious about the thinking behind this.

    There’s no opportunity that I can see for the recipient to buy the book or to exercise their interest. I would be worried that, by the time Josh is published, the hype will have passed and it will be that book that has been coming for a year or more.

    Publishing a book takes time and if you haven’t started on the process yet (with a signed contract in your hand), then it will be a while before the kids (or anyone for that matter) have a chance to actually hold Josh and It in their hands – which I assume is the end goal.

    You might have answers for all of these but I’d be curious to know them (and if Josh has a publisher, you might need to check that they are happy for the postcards to go out – and without an acknowledgment).


  • Hi Damon, Once again I thank you for your concern and your very logical questioning.
    I’ll email and try to explain the logic behind my choices. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Hi Damon, Just wanted to add …Logan City Council invited me to be a “featured artist” at their RADF EXPO this Saturday. They asked me if I had any promotional material for a display table that I would be manning. Postcards of my 3 books were the logical items. But I’ll also be displaying partial manuscripts and an anthology book I was part of … Karen :))

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