AUGUST is Awesome …WRITING Events & Opportunities Galore!

August is jam packed with eXciting events, and promises of speaking and writing opportunities herald the future.

AUGUST is Sci-Fi Fantasy Month at Logan North Library


Zombies, wizards, vampires, steam punkers, star trekkers and super heroes abound at Logan North Library for the month of August.

Brisbane’s elite speculative fiction authors … Rowena Cory Daniells, Trent Jamieson, Marianne de Pierres, Anita Bell, Kylie Chan, Louise Cusack and Kev Webb will present a Writing Panel …Writers and Resonance on Saturday 27th Aug @11am.

Yours truly will present the Super Space Kids Reading & Costume Competition on Wed 17th @10.30 am and How to BUILD your Author Platform on the Tues 30th @6.30 pm. Please check out Phone 3412 4140

I’m Featured on the Front Cover of Scope Magazine!

Fellowship of Australian Writers (QLD) featured me in their latest version of Scope magazine after I spoke as a guest speaker at faw-cropped-0192their June meeting. “Karen Tyrrell from Logan City Writers gave a lively and colourful talk. She’s a strong advocate of writing and mental health, and has her fingers in several organizational pies relative to those two pursuit …Karen has a strong, interactive presence on many social media sites on the Internet.” … Thanks Mark Russell for inviting me to FAW.

Queensland Writers Week

Yesterday Queensland Writers Centre announced their grass roots community-initiated program, Queensland Writers Week, 10-16 October. QWW, featured on P14 of WQ magazine will celebrate and support writers and readers state-wide. I organized a Coffee Club Meet for Logan Writers for 15th October @10-12. If you wish to organize an event, please fill in the Get Involved form. Check out the program

Guest Blogger Interview

A British website requested a revealing interview into my private world of writing. It will go to AIR on 25th August. Watch this space for the announcement and link.

My latest MENTAL HEALTH  Stories

For the last month I poured myself into two new writing projects, divulging  fresh details of my triumph over bipolar disorder. One is biographical, dates and events, which I sent to a magazine, to be published in September. The other is an gut-wrenching emotional journey translated into a short story. Results of the competition announced in October. Yesterday I asked my crit buddy, Judi Stroud to check over my narrative and she unexpectedly volunteered this amazing review.

“… Karen’s story is jam-packed with words so sharply emotive, the listener repeatedly feels the sting, like that of butterflies being pinned to an invisible wall … Every paragraph pounds against our perceptions of mental well-being … It jack hammers against our wall of misconception about mental health, landing shattering blows until slabs crumble and only the solid foundation of our empathy remains …”¬† JUDI STROUD, 2011.

Love to share my personal story with you very soon:)
August is a WoW of a month! The adrenalin rush of anticipation is coursing through my veins, promising MORE to come …

Can’t wait for September and October!!

Could you please cross your fingers for me?

I need all those CONCENTRATED positive vibes right about now!!

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6 comments to AUGUST is Awesome …WRITING Events & Opportunities Galore!

  • Kate

    Hey Karen,
    You sound kinda busy but that’s good, eh?
    Like the program at Logan North. I’ll have to book a few sessions.
    That new short story of yours sounds like a winner. Good luck with it.

  • Thanks Kate, I LOVE being busy but I’m pacing myself.
    YES, I put absolutely everything into that short story. Hope it pays off !!

  • David

    This is Absolutely breathtaking, Karen. To see the Universe in top gear is Phenomenal

  • Thank you Dave, for saying that. So very kind of you.
    The universe is finally spinning in my favour!! Can’t wait for the next installment :))

  • Graham Clements

    You have been busy.

  • Hi Graham,
    Yes August does look busy, doesn’t it?
    I think I’m learning to be more efficient. I make a plan of attack for each project and write up a daily tick list to achieve it.

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