Arts Queensland Approves Book Grant

Arts QueenslandArts Queensland approved funding for my tenth book. I can’t believe it!

Recently, I Karen Tyrrell tore open an official letter from Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.  Inside, she explained how I was successful with my Arts Queensland grant application.

This is my 4th literary grant and my very first grant with Arts Queensland… I’m gob-smacked.

Thanks Arts Queensland!

Now, I have the approved funds to write, edit, publish and market my empowering picture book for children and families.  Thanks Arts Queensland for giving me this awesome opportunity. I promise to fulfill all my obligations in my agreement.

Arts Queensland

Thanks to my sponsor Logan City Council

Earlier this year, I won a sponsorship from Logan City Council to publish READY SET DISCOVER LOGAN. HERE

Then, I took this sponsorship to apply for an Arts Queensland grant.  Previously, I won 3 RADF grants through Logan City Council.

In 2015, I won a RADF grant to publish picture book, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember. It’s about a boy who’ll never give up helping his Grandpa remember. It’s endorsed by Alzheimer’s Australia. Harry won *5 STAR Reviews on Goodreads, Reading Time, Buzzwords & Amazon. Available HERE.

What’s my NEW book about?

My empowering children’s book is titled READY SET DISCOVER LOGAN.

READY SET DISCOVER LOGAN empowers new families especially migrants and refugees.

My picture book will feature Logan environmental, educational and community centres and services in a compelling children’s story. I’m very passionate about the subject matter and how it will support children and families. Available HERE

Who benefits from my Arts Queensland Grant?

Children, families, teachers, migrants, refugees, schools, pre-schools and the local community.

Of course, I’ll be working closely with Logan City Council, Logan City schools and the community, to produce a relevant book to support children, families and groups.

Anthony Puttee, Aaron Pocock & Karen Tyrrell

5 Tips to win an Arts Queensland Grant

BETWEEN 2015-22, I presented grant writing seminars in Brisbane. Here’s  my key pointers …

  1. Develop a clear, empowering vision of what your book or project will achieve.
  2. Research and plan ahead with key dates on a shared time line.
  3. Win a sponsorship with a corporate or government organization. See tips above and below.
  4. Apply for an Arts Queensland grant, detailing compelling and well-defined statements, goals and objectives
  5. Connect with the community. Collect letters of support from key community members.

WHO supports my Arts Queensland grants and my books?

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8 comments to Arts Queensland Approves Book Grant

  • Janet Webster

    WOW Karen,a new children’s book about Logan. Well done on the grant winning, it looks like a long complicated process, better you than me. Look forward to hearing your updates along the journey, and seeing the book. Hope all the schools in logan can have one in their library

  • Thanks Janet!
    I’m gobsmacked I won this grant. I promise to keep you and everyone updated with my project. Can’t wait to take this book unto Logan Schools.
    Karen x

  • Norah Colvin

    Congratulations, Karen. That’s awesome news. The book will be a wonderful support for families new to Australia, especially to the Logan Area. How wonderful for them to feel welcomed and supported with a book targeting their needs.

  • Thanks so much Norah for your awesome friendship and support.
    I’m going to put my heart and soul into this book and make it the very best it can be.
    Karen x

  • Well done Karen, and thanks for sharing your tips about grants. 🙂

  • Hi Marjorie, Thanks for dropping by to check out the NEWS. Hope the tips were useful to you.
    Karen 🙂

  • Helen Goltz

    Bravo you, Karen, so well deserved! I know you will put everything you have into it. Congratulations to your and your team.

  • Thanks Helen for your kind support and friendship over the years.
    I remember first meeting you in 2009, when we submitted our Arts Queensland Grant applications in Brisbane City. Well, eight years later, I was finally successful. Just proves, never to give up!
    Karen. 🙂

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