Amazon launches Song Bird Superhero

song-bird-out-nowAmazon launches Song Bird Superhero across the World.

On Saturday I launched Song Bird Superhero  at Logan North Library as a interactive pantomime to a crowd of kids and grown-ups.

 Song bird on Amazon

Song Bird superhero took flight in full feathered wings


Today Amazon launches Song Bird Superhero, an empowering children’s book in print and eBook on Amazon.

NEW Release Song Bird Superhero received an fantastic Kirkus Review.

A young girl realizes she’s much more powerful- and avian – than she thought.
Uplifting work about conquering bullies and staying true to oneself …

It will inspire kids to stand up for themselves and make the bullies stand down.’ Kirkus Review

Can Song Bird defeat the evil boy- genius?

 Song Bird now on Amazon

What positive messages does Song Bird transmit?

“Girls can do anything”, follow your dreams, bully prevention and STEM science.


‘Rosella Bird is inspired by two things: the flying machines of her hero, Leonardo Da Vinci and music.

Song Bird is a story about following dreams, persisting despite frequent failures, and taking down the town’s evil genius to save the day. Watch this Song Bird soar! Readers are in for the ride of a lifetime.’

Alison Stegert:  Assistant to SCBWI Qld ARA, Author, School Counsellor

‘Song Bird lets you soar on the wings of song, science and superhero powers.’

Jacqui Halpin: Author, Write Links Group Leader

Where is Song Bird Superhero available on Amazon?

Order your Amazon book from Australia, USA, GB, Europe, Canada, Japan, India, Brazil and MORE countries.

Song Bird is available at these stores: Riverbend, Dymocks, Angus & Robertson, and indie book stores: The Really Good Book shop, A Lot of Books, Big B Books. ISBN: 9780994302168


 Song Bird Now on Amazon

BUY Song Bird as an eBook HERE

BUY Song Bird Superhero as a print book HERE

 FREE Teacher Resources  and Kids activities  HERE

Download Free teacher notes, Kids activities including STEM science, Creative writing, History of flying, Social issues: bully prevention, Disability inspiration, A Mighty Girl, Girls can do anything, Art & craft.

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