ME & HER is Advancing Bipolar Research

WOOT! I’m bursting with pride ! The Sean Costello Memorial Fund for Bipolar Research positively reviewed my bipolar recovery memoir, ME & HER: A Memoir Of Madness.

The Sean Costello Memorial Fund researches the latest in treatment for bipolar disorder. Debbie Costello set up this fund in remembrance of her son Sean Costello, a celebrity blues musician who lost his battle with bipolar.

What’s the Main Goals of The Sean Costello Memorial Fund?

1. To support research for early intervention and diagnosis.                                                  
2. To promote research focused on the connection between creativity and bipolar disorder, and between bipolar disorder and social anxiety.
3. To lobby for health care policy changes to facilitate better treatment and prevention.

How did my Book Review come about?

Yvonne DeBellotte, a consultant for the research group contacted me, urgently requesting to read my memoir. Twelve months earlier, I had offered Yvonne advice and support for her family member who was on suicide watch.

Here’s how Yvonne reviewed  ME & HER: A Memoir Of Madness

“When life becomes dull or ordinary for Karen, her thought process is moving at what seems like warp, maximum and overloaded speed levels. She craves excitement, tends to make impulsive decisions without calculating the consequences. For those with Bipolar, this is often times a very harmful imbalance in the brain especially, when the individual loses control of seeing the big picture of their irrational behaviour or decision.

“Karen wanting to understand what she has to do to help herself back, not to necessarily the way she was before the first episode of insanity occurred, but to a level where she can understand and hopefully avoid going back to those manic episodes.

“I want to thank Karen for sharing your story. I am now able to understand what it was like for my family member being incarcerated in hospitals. You showed me what they might have thought about each day while they were there trying to get better. How they were brave some days, and very frightened the other days.

“No matter what the illness, there is no one size, one doctor, one pill, one therapy, one hospital, one solution that fits all. It is a trial and error process; you must have patience to find the best solution that will work with your uniqueness.”

To read the REAL DEALclick HERE … Scroll down; check the right column under BOOKS. You’ll find my Review, book cover and link to Amazon.

I’m ecstatic, bursting with pride that ME & HER is now listed as a Resource, and will open up discussions on Recovery, Treatment and Research.

What do you think?

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8 comments to ME & HER is Advancing Bipolar Research

  • Karen, you are to be congratulated. You may never know just how many souls you will touch through ‘Me and Her’.

  • Thank you Dawn, I feel very proud and twice blessed.
    The first time … with my own Recovery and the second time now that I’m helping people on their journey to Recovery 🙂

  • It is fabulous that you are bringing awareness ti bipolar and mental illness in a positive way by sharing your own journey. It is something I am also passionate about through my journey most recently breast cancer diagnoses in 2010 since then I have shared my positive mindset with others to see cancer is a word not a sentence. I believe that being honest and open to discussing these issues we can as a society make better decision to assist people going through challenges and helping them rather than judging from ignorance. You are inspiing me even more to get my message out and bless you for being you standing with couage and determination. Loving the book. 🙂

  • Kerry Pilli

    Congratulations Karen
    I have finished reading Me and Her and it realy touched my heart and my soul
    I will read it again as it keeps me strong and knowing i can go back to youre book and read what you have written helps me get through my days. I thank you Karen from the bottom of my heart
    you have given me hope and the courage to live life to the fullest
    with my illness. Cheers Kerry

  • Thanks Ros, for dropping by with your awesome words of support. We both share positive stories of Recovery … you with your cancer, me with bipolar. Look forward to working with you in the future on collaborative projects:)

  • Hey Kerry, thanks so much for sharing your inspirational story of Recovery to me personally. Glad to hear ME & HER is helping you in your day to day challenges … Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Steph for dropping over to check out the Review of ME & HER. Fabulous isn’t it? … Karen 🙂

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