10 Ways to Unblock Writers Block

10 ways to Unblock Writers Block

10 Ways to Unblock Writers Block

Ever experience the frustration of “writers block” stopping you from completing THAT novel or story?

Me too!
Once I, Karen Tyrrell, was plagued by “writers block”, losing all my self-confidence in my ability to write  … paralysing my writing output.

Is writers block a reality? Or a Myth?

Is it simply poor writing habits and procrastination?

How did I improve those frustrating non-writing habits?
And write MORE often ?

Good News!
I’m winning the battle against “writers block”! … One day at a time.
I’m unblocking those negative vibes and habits prohibiting me from writing.

[Announcing the launch of my 5th book soon]

Here’s some practical solutions to get back your Writing mojo…


10 Ways to IMPROVE your Writing Output

1.    Journal write to Unblock Emotions
Pen write reflecting on what you’re feeling with free flowing writing.  Don’t edit. Be mindful, connecting with your sub-conscious and the left side of your brain. Get in touch with your innermost thoughts, feelings and insecurities. Express them honestly on the page.

2.    Write every single day
Get yourself into a daily routine. Write first thing in the morning before you start on social media. Aim for at least one hour of writing then increase your time.

3.     Express yourself with Passion
Remember why you started writing. Look at what you’re writing and ask yourself, Why? Are you writing what you love? Or what you think you should be writing? The writing that gives you JOY is the writing your readers will instinctively connect with. Channel these strong emotions into writing powerful character dialogue and prose.

4.    Plan your story from beginning to end
Easy to keep writing if you have a plan. Ask yourself what is your main character’s goal? What are the brick wall challenges stopping him? How does the hero/protagonist overcome the antagonist?  Brainstorm characters, scenes and conflicts. Ask Yourself: Who, What, Where, When Why? Plan daily, weekly and monthly writing goals.

5.    Find ways to solve Plot Problems
Break your problem down into bite size pieces. Interview yourself. Write down pros and cons.  Walk briskly mulling over writing problems that need solving. Meditate. Ask yourself: What if? Then follow the ideas to logical conclusions. Ask for advice: Get writing buddies to critique your writing.

6. Work on more than one project at a time.
Switch back and forth from one project to another to minimize fear or boredom.

7.    Change your scenery
Take your notebook, laptop or tablet everywhere you go. Watch your characters go by at train stations and cafes. Charge your 5 senses at art galleries, theatres and concerts. Write in inspiring sensorial locations. Go on a writers retreat. Attend writing workshops and conferences. Expand your mind and your writing skills.

8.    Find your Kicker
What kick-starts and stimulates your writing? Mine is a brisk morning walk where I percolate my ideas. Try writing exercises. They loosen up your mind, getting you to write topics you’d never write otherwise.

9.    Lock up your inner critic.
Don’t listen to negative self-talk. Write something easy to give you confidence to do the harder bits. Ask yourself ‘What can I do?’ There’s always something you can write … your journal, your Blog … anything.

10.    RELAX …
A relaxed, happy writer will find their inspiration and motivation to write. Meditation increases creativity … New ideas will arrive at the most unexpected times. Happy writing 🙂

writers-retreats1Now Let’s START writing!!!

REMEMBER: We all have our “off” Days

How do you  improve your writing output?

How do you MAXIMIZE your writing habits?

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8 comments to 10 Ways to Unblock Writers Block

  • Raelene Purtill

    So Dr. Kim (Wilkins) says that there is no such thing and I tend to think she is right. I’m either writing or not writing, there’s no block as such. Having said that, I am asking myself, ‘what happens next?’ about my story and I have used some of these strategies to get ideas moving again. Thanks Karen.

  • Hi Raelene, I like your “Dr Kim” quote that your either writing or not writing.
    I believe I’m more likely to be writing if I use as many positive strategies to keep my writing going.
    I’m thrilled that these tips may help you to finish your book… Karen 🙂

  • steve

    Good tips, I think writers block is another word for procrastination, if blocked, just keep writing ANYTHING so as to get some momentum. Then come back and review and edit .

  • Yes Steve, Writers Block goes by many names. Procrastination is a Biggie.
    I’d be careful about reviewing and editing in the early stages of a novel. Just get the whole draft done first.
    Happy Writing to you… Karen 🙂

  • Jacqui Halpin

    Good advice, Karen. I find a change of scenery helps me be more productive, even if it’s just moving my laptop out onto the patio to write.:)

  • I like #1 Journaling, but of course that’s because I journal. It’s a lifelong or at least years-long habit. It works. I journal everything from grocery lists to spill my guts cry fests.

    #6 Thank God i thought I had even more behavioral issues. I read several different books from various genres at one time and even have one audiobook I listen too while driving. Note: I listen through a bluetooth earpiece while the world around me goes on.
    ALSO, I work on several projects at one time. I always have a fresh story idea but not enough time. If I get stuck with my book, I’ll start one of those which has ended with some very popular short stories. See M. Matheson stories and books on
    Amazon amazon.com/author/m.matheson
    B&N http://www.barnesandnoble.com/c/m.-matheson
    Smashwords https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Mikeyznsacto
    All 10 tips are very good. Listen to what other writers have to say.
    Also take a break and spend SOME ONLY SOME time with Social Media Marketing, but that’s a slippery slope which you can eaily get trapped in.
    Enjoy writing!

  • Hi Jacqui,
    Great advice! Love the change of scenery too, specially fresh air and a new outlook. Happy writing to you .. Karen 🙂

  • Hi Mike,
    Fabulous meeting you on Google.
    Thanks for reading my writing tips and sharing your own here … Happy writing … Cheers, Karen 🙂

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