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SAYONARA is author Karen Tyrrell‘s  work in progress. Its a unique YA Crime Faction novel combining memoir and fiction. Its based on a gripping true story by an award winning author.

TRUE: Our Japanese exchange student, Yumi vanished from the streets of Brisbane without a trace.

FICTION: I fictionalized events, adding extra dramatic characters and suspects. Names and places were changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.

But some scenes and chapters read as true memoir.

The climax and ending of SAYONARA is true to what really happened to Yumi.

Crime Faction

Can you differentiate between Fact and Fiction chapters?

‘Yumi vanishes. Josie the pacifist aggressively searches for her.’

I created protangonist Josie, a psychology student with a pacifist heart. She promises to find Yumi. She aggressively searches for her throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Also, I won a RADF grant to develop this novel with  Year of the Edit course at Queensland Writers Centre. Kim Wilkins, an award winning author tutored me.


Inga Simpson of Olvar Wood writing retreat reviewed SAYONARA.

‘Great mystery.  Interesting subplots and back story, strengthened by the authenticity of a real life experience. The Brisbane setting is a welcome change in Australian crime novels.’ — Inga Simpson

‘The story has great merit’ — Lindy Cameron, Clan Destine

Sally Odgers, prolific author and editor provided my crime faction with critique, polish and review.

SAYONARA is interesting because it’s “faction”. Yumi is an interesting character in that she is sweet, loving and (as stated) quite passive.  Story kept me guessing.  It brings Brisbane to life.’  — Sally Odgers

A heart-felt story with the Most intriguing plot imaginable.

What happened to Yumi?

Which chapters are TRUE?

Which chapters are FICTION?

So, please stay tuned for NEWS on SAYONARA.

Finally, do you want to read Sayonara?  Please comment below…

22 comments to SAYONARA Crime Faction

  • Stevey

    Sounds intriguing!

  • Viv

    Interesting concept.

  • Mary

    Congrat’s on the grant Karen! Sayonara sounds like a great novel in the making!

  • Well done getting the grant. I hope the book turns out brilliantly and you find a publisher. Concept sounds strong. Heaps of potential for internal conflict with your MC being a pacifist.

    Good luck

  • Hi Jefferey, Thanx for leaving a comment on my website. Very generous of you! I’ve checked out your 2 websites. WOW!… Amazing to find you on Twitter!

  • Mary

    Congratulations on your grant – I’m looking forward to seeing Sayonara in print!

  • Montana

    I’m already hooked. Want to read the novel!

  • I didn’t know you got a grant for this. go you good thing. Well done. You will love YOE. 😕

  • Karen Tyrrell NZ

    Fantastic news on obtaining a grant . Cant wait to see it in print. Keep working on Me and Her feel sure it will only be a matter of time.

  • Thanks Cuz Karen, I always appreciate your words of support. Have a wonderful day!!

  • All power to you and may you reap the success you seek in this very hard world or writing and publishing. But why pour so much time and energy into everything on this blog when it should be going into your actual writing? Prioritise – writing first; blogging a distant second. Best of luck with finding a publisher.

  • Thanks Tony for dropping by with your advice. I spend 95% of my time writing. Yesterday I finished a Rewrite of my Memoir and sent it away to an interested media personality. Today I’m working on the 3rd draft of my Kids Sci-Fi Book 2 . In January I’m planning a rewrite/ tweaking of Sayonara applying advice from a MS assessment from Olvar Wood. Should be finished sometime February. The Blogging is just to get my name out there and for my supporters. My main focus will always be writing. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Sounds like a great read, Karen. Having homestay students myself, my heart feels torn! But it also makes me want to read the story. My favourite story when growing up was by a Japanese Novelist, Shusaku Endo, which was the story of a big, lumbering, simple French man lost in Japan and the many adventures he went through, some awful as his innocence led him to be mistreated by so many. Yet there was beauty and wisom in the pages – though the main character….. well, I won’t ruin the ending. I also admire the fact that you re-write and re-write, you seek appraisals, reviews and re-write again. In my book, that’s a true writer, striving to perfect her craft (and gosh, that makes the copyeditor’s work so much eaiser!) Looking forward to publication! xo

  • Thanks Wendy, I really appreciate your interest in SAYONARA and your understanding of homestay students. Your words of “Publication” brought hope and tears to my eyes. My focus now is to carry SAYONARA over the finishing line.

  • Well done Karen. It sounds intriguing. I like the true crime novel with the addition of fiction. I’ve written one myself. And youve certainly put a lot of work into it. Any chance of putting up the first page? I don’t think I’ve actually read anything you’ve written.

  • Thanks Anthony, for dropping by to check out my reviews and the latest info on SAYONARA.
    Love your idea about posting page one from SAYONARA!! I have lined up the next five blogs with events and announcements and possibly an excerpt from a short story. Sometime after that, I’ll be ready to go with page 1.

  • Heather Golding

    Its wonderful to read such complimentary comments about your writing Karen, especially when you’re told that it “makes the copyeditor’s work so much easier” for publication! I can certainly relate to that comment; having been told that myself by a former editor of a local newspaper who often told me I made his job so much easier when publishing contributions from writers! All the best to you in your eventual publication of your crime novel SAYONARA!

  • Thanks Heather. Glad you enjoyed reading Sayonara’s reviews and thanks especially for your optimism for its publication.
    I hope to see your website up and running soon. Good luck with your memoir and submissions.

  • Excellent. Looking forward to it.

  • Thanks Anthony for your interest and support for Sayonara. I’ve penciled in posting Page 1 in September /October. Good luck with all your novels too :))

  • Ani Peters

    I am very intrigued by the storyline and can’t wait to read “Sayonara”. It has really grabbed my interest and I would love to read the first few pages!! Congrats. Well done.

  • Hugs Ani, you’re a sweet heart. Thanks for your awesome feedback.
    I LOVE my Sayonara story . Its bitter sweet to me because its a TRUE story. so many people ask me about this one. I MST publish it one day!! Karen xx

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