SANE Invitation

Another week of incredible Emails …
… On Wednesday a TOP Literary Agent  emailed me, wanting to read the NEW VERSION of ‘Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness’.
SQUEEEE … I can’t believe it!
After a day of tweaking and double-checking the manuscript, I’ve finally sent it off to them with many dreams and aspirations attached.
Please cross your fingers for me. xx

… On Thursday … I received an email from SANE Australia, one of our BIGGEST Mental Health organisations and they want me to be part of the SANE speaker program.
Me? They asked me?
Once I scraped myself off the floor and my heart palpitations eased … I replied YES.

They want me to provide a first person story, which will put a human face to Mental Illness.

Sharing my experiences may help improve community attitude and reduce stigma and discrimination.
Wow! … I’ll give it my best shot.

Are these two events somehow related?
Or is this part of some huge cosmic plot?

Coincidentally, this week I started Rereading ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and I’ve been concentrating on attracting my inner-most desires and dreams into my life.

Do you think its working?

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24 comments to SANE Invitation

  • Suzie

    Karen, Congrats to you. That’s fabulous News. All your hard work is finally paying off.

  • Best of luck with that Agency – they’re wonderful. And to be part of SANE’s speaker program sounds like a brilliant opportunity, both for you and for those you’ll get to speak to – congrats!

  • Thanx Suzie. For too long I’ve been self-sabotaging with my lack of confidence. I’m trying hard to think POSITIVE. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Katherine, I know how much you love your Agent. I hope one day to be part of their team too. Ahhh! I’m excited about the SANE program too. Both great opportunities …Karen :))

  • Congratulations Karen. Great news. And yes, you do attract what you most think about. Keep up the great vibes.

  • Thanx Helen, I really do appreciate all your support. Yes, I’ll continue reading The Secret and sending those vibes out into the Universe. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Diana Carlton

    Hi, Karen

    Wahoo, what exciting news for you. I can’t wait to see what unfolds, I’m sure it will all be great!

    Diana 🙂

  • Such good news, Karen. Yes, ‘The Secret’ must be working for you! I have the four unabridged CDs of it. Really glad that you had a lovely holiday before it all starts in 2010. Fingers crossed. Joanna :))

  • Hi Diana and Thanx, I can’t wait to see what happens too!! Hope our YOE group gets together soon. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Hi Joanna, I’m glad I did have that holiday too. Things are definitely picking up speed, for sure. Thanx for your Good Luck wishes. Karen :))

  • Karen – that’s great news – you must be so excited on both counts. Congrats to you – I’m crossing everything for you!

  • It couldn’t happen to a nicer, more genuine person. Best of LUCK with it all. I have a really good feeling for you. The Secret is a great motivator…I often refer to it 🙂 And yes, I think it’s working for you!

  • Hi Lyn, I am excited, not knowing exactly where it will all lead. But knowing it ill be a Positive Place. Keep those fingers crossed for me. :))

  • Thanx Maggie, Your friendship and support means so much to me. I’m going to read a few pages of THE SECRET each night and DREAM on them. Karen :))

  • John T

    Good on you, Karen. Yes, the law of attraction is working for you for sure. Well done!

  • Hi John, Thanks. Nice to see another Tyrrell here on the site. It sure feels like an exciting time for me. Karen :))

  • Congrats, Karen! Go with the flow and keep attracting all those good things, you so deserve 🙂

  • Thanx Carol, The same goes to you. There’s plenty of Positive Vibes to go round. Karen :))

  • Jenny

    Your positive vibes and hard work are well and truly paying off! Keep going with the flow. Its such an exciting time for you.

  • Thanx Jenny, I appreciate your support and sharing my excitement. Sending out some positives vibes for You too. Karen xx

  • “The Secret” is very good, but I find Michael Losier’s “The LAw of Attraction” more practical and less New Agey

    Congratulations on the agent!

  • Thanx Eeleenlee for the BOOK tip. I’ll ring the library today and order it in. Always on the look out for a good book … And thanks for the Congrats. Karen :)) PS Took a look at your website … its Fab.

  • Top news all round Karen. Well done. The hard work is paying off.

  • Hi Katrina, Thanks so much for your support. I really appreciate it. Cheers,
    Karen :)) PS I’ve just added a comment to your website.

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