I refuse to play the Waiting Game! … Not me!

I’m a girl of ACTION. A regular GI Jane … or GI Kaz.

Me and Her # 2 is bursting at the seams to be Published and to be on your bookshelf.

A Publisher has my New Improved Version and I’m awaiting their decision to Publish it.  I should hear very soon.

Meanwhile on my other Writing Fronts

•    I’ve added new EXPLOSIVE scenes to my Crime Novel, Sayonara, my Work in Progress. It’s nearing completion with the Year of the Edit course at QWC.

•    Last week I completed a Young Adult Fantasy short story and I sent it off to competitions, hoping to win a prize or publication.

•    My Kids Sci-Fi Adventure book is NOW completed and I’ve just sent it off to the CYA Conference for a Critique Session with a Publisher this Saturday.

But that doesn’t stop me from checking my Emails every day and praying for the answer that I need … Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness will be published!

Come on Publishers, PLEASE  draw up that contract for me … My pen is poised

Or is this delay part of a HUGE SCHEME, a learning curve that all writers must endure … to make us resilient and appreciative of success when it comes!

I’m appreciative! I’m appreciative!

What else can I do?

When waiting for NEWS …

What Devious Ways have YOU discovered to distract yourself?

This post has been updated and edited.

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9 comments to Ready-Set-Go!

  • Sally

    The only way to do it is keep yourself incredibly busy. While you’re distracted, I hope you get the News you want.

  • Good luck with it all Karen – I guess patience is the virtue all writers must learn to acquire. At least you are keeping your end of the bargain!

  • Thanx Lynn,
    These are Not-Overnighters!
    Been Working on the Crime for over a year. The other two Spec Fics for over four months.
    Just happened to finish those 2 last week.

  • Angie Leeming

    You’ll get there. Distract yourself with your holiday plans.

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Keep going, Karen. You are doing all you can. Great that you’ve moved onto other projects and don’t have all your eggs in one basket. OK, got to go: time to write. P.S. Read Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’. If the m/s isn’t picked up by A&U, just know that it is only a matter of time — if not with this book, then with another. I’m sure it will happen for you either way. Joanna :))

  • Angela Sunde

    See you at the CYA, Karen. I have a pitch with a publisher too. I’m looking forward to learning a great deal on the day. Good luck with everything.

  • Hi Angela , Will look out for you! CYA. I’m booked in with a childrens’ Publisher.

  • Yeah for you! It is so exciting when people are able to turn their lives around and also create something beautiful in the process of recovery. Best of luck to you and your ventures!


  • Thanx journey2balance, I really appreciate all your support. Cheers, Karen:))

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