Publisher Loves It

A TOP childrens Publisher enjoyed reading my Kids Sci-Fi! … Can’t believe it.

Last Saturday I met with her at the CYA  Conference (CHILDREN +YA) at QUT, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane in a one-on-one Manuscript Assessment/ Pitching session.

She critiqued my Kids SF Adventure story and loved it! Especially the plot.

Later I delivered my story’s hook in 8 words … ‘Love it’, she said.
Then I pitched my 20 word killer punch-line … ‘Yes, Wonderful.’

The Publisher offered me tips for Fine Tuning my manuscript including cultivating an authentic child’s voice for the main character, reading award-winning Aussie author Emily Rodda’s novels and watching a certain SF movie. (TOP SECRET … can’t tell you which one).

Writing this Kids Chapter Book has been a BLAST! All those years of teaching and reading books to kids (7-10 year olds) have finally paid off … I hope.

The CYA Conference has given me this unique opportunity. After the Fine Tuning the Publisher wants me to Resubmit my Kids SF to her. She even handed me her personal card! Yay!

… I’m in with a chance.

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16 comments to Publisher Loves It

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Brilliant, Karen! That is fantastic news. I had a feeling that Kids Sci-Fi might be your thing. Don’t know why! Think it’s because you enjoyed writing it so much. Sounds very hopeful. Big cyberhug.
    Joanna :))

  • Amber Maguire-Gardner

    Wow, that’s fantastic news, Karen, and very promising! I am so excited for you… You’ll be a published author yet!! Congratulations xx a

  • Lisa

    Absolutely awesome news Karen. You must be thrilled!!
    I have read Emily Rodda’s Deltora Quest (all three) series aloud to my son. They are well written and really leave you hanging from chapter to chapter. I for one believe your kids SF novel WILL be published! Congrats again on this very big bite. 🙂

  • Great work! I saw you before the pitch but not after – so glad to hear it went well! Seems like every time you post on this blog, another door has opened for you. You’re having a great year!

  • Angela Slatter

    Congrats, Karen! That’s superb 🙂

  • Angie Leeming

    Great news Karen!

  • Wow, Karen! Congratulations, what an incredible buzz for you! I know how nerve racking these things can be and yet you breezed through. Obviously you’re on the right track and you have the talent to take it all the way. More power to you, girl.
    Maureen Hume

  • Hi Maureen, Thanx for dropping by. How did you find me? Were you at the CYA Conference?

  • I would have loved to be at the CYA conference but I live on the other side of the world and in a whole other hemispere (Tasmania, Australia). Because I have an interest in children’s fiction I subscribe to google alerts on any subject that involves children and books (it’s free just google, ‘google alerts’. I receive around ten alerts a day and around ten blogs/articles within those alerts and I respond to as many as I can with genuine interest. It keeps me up in touch with what’s happening to who and when in the kids publishing world. The whole other side of the world thing closes to the space of a blog comment. I especially like hearing about and responding to new authors. If I can do it you can do it! Just keep smiling and make a point of finding joy in every step of the journey.
    Maureen Hume

  • Thanx Maureen for the tip about Google alert. I’ll get onto it. I really appreciate your support and interest. Hope to meet you one day. Karen.

  • Hi Karen.
    Got to write today. Just noticed that your blog is now listed as one of the top writing blogs in Australia. You’re no.118 on Jonathan Crossfield’s list.
    Huzzah! Here’s the link:
    So excited for you. I sense that it’s just around the corner — what a long road to getting published! You’ve put in so, SOOOO much work.
    Good luck and have a great day.

  • Joanna, You’ve made my Day! Thanx for letting me know about this. Found out this morning on the way out to YOE. WOW!!

  • Maggie

    Hi, Karen, I wanted to say how proud I am of your incredible efforts to get your work out there. You put some of us to shame. You’ve inspired me to get moving with my novel and to get myself known. I am so glad I met you at the YOE. I hope we (including the other ladies) can continue to keep in touch, afterward, and continue our creative journeys together with encouragement and support from each other. I feel that’s important as writing is a very isolated occupation, in a way. There are some great people in the group and I am happy to have met them too. See you at the next session.

  • Thanx Maggie, We do have a Fantastic Group @YOE and I KNOW we’ll keep together, as supporters of each other.

  • Th CYA Writers Conference was amazing, I learned so much. I was way too chicken to pitch this year, but have been inspired to give it a go next time. Well done on getting such a good response on your Sci-Fi chapter book!

  • Hi Charmaine, nice to meet you here. I LOVE CYA!! Did we meet there? Yes, I’m really happy with what Leonie said. Especially referring me to another publisher. Hoping to hear something soon. Are you on Facebook? … Karen :))

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