NOMINATED– Guess What? … I’m Nominated!!

SQUEEEE … This week I celebrate exciting NEW opportunities in my writing life. After completing  Kids Sci-Fi JOSH VS. LORD TERRA, the timing was perfect to reflect and review my writers platform, and plan for the future.

Firstly, welcome to my NEW LOOK website with the latest badges, buttons and gizmos.

Gaze over to the right > > > > to my spanking NEW Facebook page badge, Karen Tyrrell Author. Those  ‘IN THE KNOW’ suggested I set this up now. Please click anywhere on the badge, go to my page and LIKE me. Then we’re instantly connected … I’d appreciate your support  xx

You can also connect with me at Twitter and Linked in. Click the icons on the right.
My personal gravatar photo is now installed  …When I comment, my smiling face will appear instead of a blank faceless one.

Website Blog Share Button Panel
Check out below \/ \/ near the comments. You can now share my blog post with your friends:)

A HUGE techno thanks to Anthony Puttee from Book Cover Cafe for updating my website.


WOOHOO … I’m a Best Australian BLOG NOMINEE.

Three weeks ago, a dedicated follower nominated me for the Best Australian BLOG competition in the Best Writing category. Then I submitted blurbs on why I blog and what inspired me to start blogging.

Check out the blue badge over on the top right.
This week, judges from Sydney Writers Centre will appraise Karen’s BLOG on its writing merits, personal tone and readership.

I’m entered into the PEOPLE CHOICE AWARDS category too.
Later this week a VOTE FOR ME badge will be installed here. This Saturday the 16th April,  I hope you’ll VOTE FOR ME by clicking on my VOTE FOR ME badge. Please put this VIP event in your diaries. Many thanks :))

My most exciting news … In 3-4 weeks time I start a challenging part-time job, exercising my writing, mental health and teaching passions and skills. I’m so proud to be part of this ground breaking project. I’ll divulge more when I’m ‘allowed’ to make the announcement … Please stay tuned :))

This week #4 incredible opportunities were presented to me and I embraced them with passion.

Will you be pro-active, in raising your writer’s platform?
Will you recognize opportunities and grab them?

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14 comments to NOMINATED– Guess What? … I’m Nominated!!

  • Very exciting Karen!!
    Congratulations indeed on the well earned nomination-I’m sure you’ll do very well.
    And the website looks fatastic! Big kudo’s to the techno work!

  • Thanks Rebecca, Yes it’s been one fabulous week!! I’m so excited to be nominated for this award and wear the Nominee badge on my website :)) Thanks for your wonderful support and friendship … Karen :))

  • Sharon King

    Congrats on your successes this week. I can feel the excitement in every word jumping out of the page. Guess I better do something about updating my website too.

  • Thanks Sharon, I was planning to update my website for some time and it all came together this week. I highly recommend Anthony too … Karen :))

  • Thanks Sharon, I appreciate you dropping by. Thanks for following me on twitter too. We’re becoming very connected in a social media sense, aren’t we? …Karen :))

  • B. Mallone

    Lookin good

  • Thanks, Glad you like my new-look website :))

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Like the zappy new look, Karen. Congrats on the blog comp nomination too. Like my new job. Keeping me busy. See you Sat. Joanna :))

  • Hi Joanna, Glad you like my zappy new look. I’ve been considering this for over six months and finally had the time to organise the upgrade between writing projects.
    Yes, the Blog nomination is VERY exciting and I love that new badge. So glad your new job is working out for you. CYA on Saturday :))

  • Lexie Mitchell

    Hello Karen,

    Will be away for a few days from today. Won’t be able to vote for you. Wish you all the best. I’m sure you’ll get lots of votes.
    X Lexie

  • Thanks Lexie for your good luck wishes and all your lovely support over the year. Wishing you a very relaxing time away … Karen :))

  • Congrats on the nomination and well done on the site and all that prospects that sound so intriguing. Looking forward to hearing more,

  • Thanks Dale for the congratulations and your support. Yes, I’m bursting to tell my news about my new job involving the mental health project. Please stay tuned:))

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