Friday Pitch Update

I’ve ridden a Roller-Coaster of emotions this week from disillusionment to euphoria and back again.

I’m still breathless.

7 days ago I submitted my first chapter of Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness via Friday Pitch …

No word. No contact. A silent rejection … Bummer!

But I’m ready to move on.
My writer’s Bible, The Australian Writer’s Marketplace, helped me plan my latest strategy. This week I entered two competitions one with my manuscript, another with an excerpt. Both could give me leverage in the Publishing game. (Shh …One of the collators emailed that unofficially she loved my entry …very encouraging, but unfortunately she’s not a judge.)

I’m taking several side-ways shuffles. I emailed two government health departments which advise artists/ writers with health issues and they suggested a host of things including  seeking  endorsements before going on any further. I contacted a major Health organisation, and after much to-ing and fro-ing they may be interested in my project. YAY! …Tell you more later.

I’m in for the long haul.
If anyone knows who may be able to endorse or support my Memoir in any way, please let me know. It could make all the difference in becoming published.

So now I have to figure out which Publishers to hone in on next, and plan my attack.

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9 comments to Friday Pitch Update

  • Angela Sunde

    You go girl! I love this slipping in the side door. You are going to be successful. I just feel it.

  • Karly

    I’m so happy that things are starting to fit into place, keep going! It’s all going to happen for you!

  • stevey

    Karen, Publishing is not an easy business. But I like your creative side-shuffles. Keep slipping away! Good luck.

  • Competitions are a great way to increase your profile, and you’ve had a very tantalizing nibble from the collator – fingers crossed the judges feel the same way! It was a great idea to seek an endorsement, and I hope it all goes ahead. You’re clearly very resourceful!

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Hi, Karen
    You go, girl! Been thinking about you earlier today – ie wondering how your pitch to A&U went. Watch out, all! It’s only a matter of time and effort with your resourcefulness, Karen, before you get your book published. Glad that you have a long term view planned out — the strategy, the battlefield — not just the writer, the strategist as well. That takes gumption and stamina and I know that you’ll go the distance. Good on you, Karen. All the best until you get the lucky break you deserve.
    All the best,
    Joanna :))

  • Great to hear of your progress. You never know where your “side-step shuffling” will get you. Way to go!!

  • Angie

    You are an inspiration, Karen …You have heaps of support behind you. Stay positive on your journey. I’m sure this is all just part of your growing process as a writer.

  • Go Karen! Before I was lucky enough to be published (and I do believe it takes a little luck – but that luck can be created by following every opportunity) – I always thought of manuscripts being like aircraft circling the flight tower. Eventually the opening would come and a ms would fly in to land. So keep those manuscripts circling and the ‘right place-right time’ will eventually open up.

  • Thanx Sandy for your Words of Wisdom about getting published. Hope my ms comes home to land soon!

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