Dealing with Writing Rejections

On Tuesday, I received a Rejection letter from an American Publisher who was considering ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness  …The email struck an almighty blow as we had discussed Australian distributors and US speaking tours.

After the tears subsided, I requested feedback from the Publisher.

‘Your premise is good … I’m convinced you’ll have it published soon … I’d like to Review  it.’

Now, I’m researching ways I can better deal with rejections in the future.
As writers, we must learn to be more resilient …
Here’s my TOP six strategies to combat the tears and frustrations.

  • Rethink a Rejection … It’s a business decision … it’s not personal. It’s often not about the merit of the writing  but business choices.
  • Turn your rejection around … learn from the feedback.
  • Live in Confidence, not expectation … Believe you will be Published
  • The more you submit, the greater your chances are of receiving an acceptance!
  • Recycle your writing … Rewrite, Revamp, Resend.
  • Keep  busy. Broaden your writing range and where you submit. Write magazine and online articles, guest  blog on writer’s sites.

Jonathan Winters says, ‘When your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.’

More determined then ever for success, I’m working on individual and collaborative writing projects.

About my Memoir … what’s next?
I’m exploring new pathways to get my Memoir out there.
Be prepared for a surprise.

Remember … ‘A professional Writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.’  Richard Bach

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14 comments to Dealing with Writing Rejections

  • Remember … ‘A professional Writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.’ Richard Bach

    This quote is perfect, Karen! Sorry to hear about “Me & Her’s” rejection. 🙁 But onward and upward! I’ve no doubt you’ll have it published soon, like the o/s publisher said.

    I wish you the best of luck! I’m crossing my fingers and toes for you and sending out lots of positive vibes for a contract!

    xx a

  • Thanks Amber, I know I’m so close now. Its all about matching up with the right Publisher. I’m concentrating on an Australian Publisher next time …Karen :))

  • Next time Karen! There isn’t a successful author out there that doesnt have rejection letters stached in a draw. Reilly, Sigler even us. It’s part n part of the journey, that makes reaching the final goal that much sweeter!

    Onwards n upwards!

  • Good on you for taking a positive, pro-active stance on rejection letters, Karen. Great advice that you shouldn’t take it personally. As you say, it’s a business decision. You sound like you’re in the right head space. I admire your courage and determination, and the way you turn ‘negatives’ around to your advantage: you learn from them and gain experience along the way. You’ll be alright because you have dogged determination and because you are a hard worker. All the best, Joanna :))

  • Thanks so much Anthony, I do appreciate you dropping by to saying that … NOW, Waiting for the sweet taste of success … Karen :))

  • Hi Joanna, It took me a few days to have the courage to put up that post. On Tuesday I was devastated. It would have been “So Easy for Me” for the publisher to say YES. Now I’m not only have to work harder … but work smarter. Karen :))

  • Kev

    It’s the down side of being a writer. The problem is we are passionate about our work and we are part of it. So we tend to take it personally. Everyone says we shouldn’t, but how can we not when we spend years crafting and shaping our work. Pouring our hearts into it to give it life. It hurts and I guess it always will but, it does make us stronger and more determined as you have already said. Know that you have the support of those around you and that we do care.

  • Thanks so much Kev. I know how hard work has made it happen for you. I really appreciate your comments here and support as a friend. Karen :))

  • Karen,

    I’m sorry to hear about your rejection, but I think you have developed some great strategies for dealing with it. Unfortunately, in the writing world, rejection and waiting are two of the hardest things we have to deal with…but they are a hazard of our occupation and if we focus on the positives and keep writing, we get there in the end. I know how hard you are working and I hope your acceptance comes soon:-)


  • Thanks so much Dee. You know what you’re talking about with the waiting. I have moved on since Tuesday and now looking at other avenues. I really appreciate your friendship and support … Karen

  • Sorry to hear that Karen. It does hurt and we are allowed to be hurt. Just as Kev says. We wouldnt be writers if we werent sensitive.
    Yet, it is amazing that you actually got feedback! I sent out 90 querys from my YA novel The Rim, over a 12month period.. had a few sniffs, but almost half never bothered to reply, let alone any feedback. Most send the form email, with no indication as to why it was rejected.
    I thought I had some sort of record of 90 rejections (or even non rejections as it were?) but I just heard of a guy who got 300 rejections. That’s tenacity.. or insanity!

    Good luck with the next one!


  • Hi Anthony,
    I had an unique online/ email relationship with the US publisher. He approached me and opened the door to a regular question and answer forum from both sides. He wanted to know more about me and I was “allowed” to ask any question of him. So when the final answer came back I was in shock.
    He emailed two lengthy letters of feedback. I will be tweaking and polishing before sending out my memoir again. Good luck with your writing too. Karen :))

  • Debbie Johansson

    Hi Karen. Sorry to hear about the rejection, but it’s good to note that you are actually getting closer to being published. Keep up with the positive attitude!

  • Thanks Debbie, I accidentally deleted my reply to you this morning. ( in the Squillions of Spam). I really do appreciate all your support and encouragement … Karen :))

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