Queensland Writers Centre Cocktail Party

Why the HELL did they invite Me?

Last night I rubbed shoulders with Writing and Publishing glitterati ─ writers, agents, publishers, QWC staff and Brisbane Writers Festival organisers … I don’t believe it!
We gathered on the Roof Terrace of the GOMA building overlooking the Brisbane River, sipping champagne and nibbling hors d’oeuvres.

The guest list read like a Who’s Who of the Queensland’s Writing and Publishing Industry.

I finally got to shake hands with Queensland Writers …  Kirsten Reed (The Ice Age), Belinda Jeffrey (Brown Skin Blue), Chris Bongers (Dust), Trent Jamieson (YA Fantasy), Jason Nahrung (Dark Fantasy), Michael G. Bauer (Don’t Call me Ishmael) and up-and-coming kids’ writers Katherine Battersbyand Ally Howard.  Just to name a few. But I didn’t  get to meet JJ Cooper (The Interrogator). Next time.

Chatting with Brissie Writers, was FANTABULOUS! Many for the very first time. I found them to be warm, friendly and incredibly supportive.

I was absolutely ecstatic to be invited. So you may ask, why did they invite me?
Good Question.
Two weeks ago I participated in a Network Skills Workshop at QWC and ALL participants were invited to this extravaganza, QWC’s launch of Industry IQ.

A  LUCKY opportunity for me!

I’m still staring at Jeff Lindsay’s (Dexter author) autograph and Darkly Dreaming of my own success one day!

PS  A Special Thanks to Helen-Louise Usher (Romance Writer) for the Photos below.

Me and Jeff Lindsay

Darkly Dreaming with Jeff Lindsay.

Me, Ally Howard (CYA) and Katherine Battersby

Me, Ally Howard (CYA) and Katherine Battersby

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10 comments to Queensland Writers Centre Cocktail Party

  • Stevey

    I’m a Dexter Fan. Sure would have liked to meet him! Glad you had a Blast!

  • Helen-Louise Usher

    It was fun, wasn’t it?

  • What a FAB night! Thanx Helen for your company and for taking the snaps. I’ve added your name to the Blog as photographer.

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Lovely, Karen. I met JJ last week at his book signing. He mentioned this night to me but I didn’t get an invite. Boo hoo. So envious! Glad you had a lovely time and got to rub shoulders with all the Brissie bookeratsti. All the best (and you’ve reminded me to post on my blog today!). Joanna :))

  • It was such a great night! So glad you could come and that we could finally meet face to face. And I really hope the opportunities that opened up for you on the night lead to more exciting things…

  • Lovely meeting you! Thanx Katherine, for the Confidence Boost last night. And pointing out You-know-Who.

  • Hey Karen, it was grand to meet you there; thanks for the mention. What a fab view, eh? And everyone was so nice 🙂 Lindsay has a wicked sense of humour, eh?! One day indeed! Keep dreaming those dark dreams! Cheers, Jason

  • Hi Jason, Great to meet you there. FAB night. All the best with your BIG move! Karen.

  • Madonna

    Wow!..I love Dexter!! What a character… and the mind of the writer… mmm. Says a lot about where you are Karen:)) [inner & outer worlds]

  • It was Fabulous meeting Jeffrey Lindsay, author of Darkly Dreaming Dexter. I loved the powerful Voice that came through his writing. VOICE wins me over all the time … Karen :))

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