No … But

Two days ago, I was shattered!
… after receiving a huge packet, my returned Manuscript, delivered to my door by courier.
I didn’t have to open it, to know what it was.
Then I slowly read THE letter and the constructive criticism struck me.

A BIG Publisher
used phrases like … ‘Raw energy … brave … your candour and openness is to be commended … your writing shows promise.’

Wonderful words which gave me hope … and  they also suggested what to do next.
Thank you to the Publisher for your time and consideration.

Now I’ve had two days to pull myself together and seek counsel and advice.
And I’m NOT giving up.
Anyone who knows me, knows my tenacity … I’m a fighter.

What do I do now?
Everyone knows the strategy ─ Regroup, Replan ─ and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.
And I’m considering all my options.

This weekend I’m celebrating the 2009 writing year with some of my writing friends.
Despite this NO-DEAL, I have many things to celebrate and I won’t lose sight of that.

Thank you everyone for supporting ‘Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness’.
I’m determined it WILL get Published.

This Post has been updated and edited.

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34 comments to No … But

  • Oh, Karen! Sorry to hear that A&U decided against publishing Me&Her. I’m sure it’ll be their loss. As difficult as I’m sure it is to deal with (I’ve never sent in anything to have either accepted or rejected, so I can’t properly comment here), you are doing the right thing by getting back on the horse & writing again, putting in plans to submit elsewhere, etc. Tenacity is a *good* thing, and you’re right, you have a lot to celebrate the 2009 writing year!
    Your determination alone will see Me&Her published one day, I have no doubts there. xx a

  • Thanx Amber, I had my cry and some self-blame. But within an hour was on the phone seeking advice …That’s all we can do as writers … keep moving on. Karen :))

  • Sorry to hear the news Karen, but one knockback does not for incineration make!

  • So sorry, Karen. Give yourself some time to mourn this – the writing life is so full of ups and downs. You have full permission to cry and wail and hit cushions if you need to! Good on you for already being able to look ahead to the ‘what next’…

  • Marjorie Sawyer

    Karen, Someone once said ‘a rejection just means you’re one step closer to acceptance’.

  • Graham Clements

    There are other publishers.

  • Hi Andrew, Won’t be burning the manuscript yet…I’m sorry too but that’s life … Karen :))

  • Sorry to hear that, Karen. I know how you must feel, but you’re on the right track, just keep going. The right publisher is out there just waiting for your manuscript.

    I can’t wait for you to be published so I can read it. Sounds like a compelling book to me.

    Good luck.


  • Karen,
    Time to recuperate, let the mss lie for a bit and work on something else. Then come back to it with fresh eyes. I’m working through Margie Lawson’s Empowering Characters Emotions lecture packet right now and man has it improved my mss. I think I now know how to save my favourite story that’s been rejected by a lot of people. *grin* it ain’t over til it’s over baby!

  • Hi Katherine, I’ve had my share of cushion hitting and tear-streaked cheeks. It was hard to go Public with this news … But here I am. I’ve had excellent advice already and know its a matter of time … Karen :))

  • Hi Marjorie, Love your optimism. Thanks. Karen :))

  • That’s the writer’s life, Karen. But perseverence is the name of the game too. Keep going! 🙂

  • Hi Natalie, I’m working on some other stories at the moment. Like the sound of your lecture packet. Where can you get it? Hope it works on your Story and you get it Published. As you say “It ain’t over” … Karen :))

  • Thanks Trisha, I do believe there’s a Publisher out there for Me … Right Time Right Place … Karen :))

  • Hi Sheryl, I will. I’ve received some very good advice and drawn up a plan. That plan makes it sound possible. Karen :))

  • Hi graham, Yes you betcha! Karen :))

  • Michael

    Hi Karen
    I would have loved the news to have been what you wanted. But I’d say you’ve just lost the first round narrowly on points and there’s plenty of time left for you the score the big knock out you’re looking for.
    Glad to see you’re already up on your feet, sucking in the big breaths and ready to come out fighting again!

  • So sorry to hear that, Karen. It’s so hard – we wait and wait with our hopes up – and sometimes they are dashed, and sometimes we get the news we are waiting for. I hope that this news is just around the corner for you. Your courage and determination will get you there. You’re right, you do need time to recuperate, gather yourself and as you say, make a plan of what to do now. Thinking of you and wishing you all the very best and hope that the overseas trip offers some compensation and ‘you’ time.


  • Thanx Michael, Like your fighter analogy! I really do believe it will get Published. Karen :))

  • Hi Dee, Thanks for your words of encouragement. I WILL be able to relax and enjoy my holiday now with a Plan firmly put in place … Karen :))

  • Sue Bond

    Commiserations, Karen, but rejections are the writer’s lot. I can’t add much more to what everyone has said above, except give yourself a bit of a rest before trying the next one. It’s an exhausting thing, writing and submitting work!


  • Hi Sue, I appreciate your sympathies. I’ll be Italy and on the Mediterranean in January. Plenty of time to Unwind and Rethink. Thanx … Karen :))

  • ‘Regroup, replan.’ It’s great to hear your positive attitude, Karen. It’s good that the Publisher gave you constructive advice you can learn from. You are doing terrifically, and, as others say, it’s just a matter of finding the right publisher. It will happen — eventually! Joanna :))

  • Paula Beavan

    Hi Karen,
    I was so disappointed for you, but remember Harry Potter, rejected 12 times before being published!
    Don’t give up!

  • Thanx Joanna, I’m trying to remain Positive and fight off the self-doubt. I’ve learnt so much about the Publishing Game in the last few days … the Hard Way … but It’ll make me wiser for the next round … Karen :))

  • Hi Paula, I was so disappointed too. I really believed it would happen … I’m learning how to persevere and be more resilient … Karen :))
    PS Love the Harry Potter/ JK Rowling story.

  • Onwards and upwards. you’ve got the right idea 🙂

  • Carol Warner

    Thinking of you, Karen! They say, ‘What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.’ Keep positive! And remember, you’re one talented writer and so many people are waiting patiently to read your masterpiece :o)

  • Thanx Jason. I couldn’t sit still and do nothing. Its not In me. :))

  • WoW Carol, Thanks for saying that. Hope a Publisher read your comment. LOL … Karen :))

  • Angela Sunde

    Sorry to hear that, Karen. You have come a long way in the submissions process. Your manuscript must be very worthy of notice to have made it this far. You are edging ever closer to a deal. Next year will be your year!
    Best wishes

  • Hi Angela, I honestly think 2010 will be the year for me. I do feel it. Thanks for your vote of confidence … Karen :))

  • Sorry to hear about your rejection. I would suggest (talking from past experience) that you get a complete professional edit before you send it off to anyone else. I sent mine to Nadine Davidoff and she did a great job of sorting it out for me. If your’e interested in her email address contact me.

  • Hi Elaine,
    Thanks for all your advice and kind offer. I’ve just finished Year of the Edit Course in November and it included structural editing. I’ve made plans of my Rewrite already and I know exactly what I have to do. Looking at it through Fresh Eyes now. Detached and Methodical … Cheers, Karen :))

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