Dealing with Writing Rejections

On Tuesday, I received a Rejection letter from an American Publisher who was considering ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness …The email struck an almighty blow as we had discussed Australian distributors and US speaking tours.

After the tears subsided, I requested feedback from the Publisher.

‘Your premise is good … I’m convinced you’ll […]

4 Offers. Which one First?

Over the weekend, I received four irresistible invitations … an unbelievable offer to write an article for an eNewsletter with a readership of 12K … one for an in-depth interview … another for a Skype podcast interview… and one from a teenage writing prodigy to be a Guest Blogger.

Yesterday Alex Jay, pen-named BJ Cullen, […]

Build your Writer’s Platform

A writer creates a story then sends it off to a Publisher. End of story. Right? … WRONG!

In 2010, it’s essential for a writer to build a Platform, a Brand if you like. More so, if you’re a multi-genre writer like me, with a non-fiction book titled, Me and Her:a Memoir of Madness.

How […]

RADF Showcase

Guess what? Yesterday, I received a surprising call from Logan City Council. “We’ve selected you to be a ‘Featured Artist’ at the RADF showcase on the 31st July at Logan Art Gallery.” I fell into my chair. Unbelievable!

Chelsi explained … “The RADF Showcase is a Celebration of Logan creative artists who received a Regional […]

Who Wants to Read my*gripping* Page 2 of ME AND HER?

Thanks so much for your incredible support with launching my pro-active quest to publish ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness, my struggle and victory over Bipolar Disorder.

I received your awesome support with over 100 LIKES to that page …

Last week I posted my dramatic opening page and you offered over 80 […]