Coming Out

Woo Hoo! I’ve gone International! I was invited to be a Guest Blogger on the US Website … Raw Writing for the Real World of Bipolar. My Blog titled COMING OUT BIPOLAR focuses on breaking down the stigma of mental illness and how I’ve become Brave enough to COME OUT!

Here’s […]

Shout to the World

At school they nick-named me chatter-box! Always in trouble for speaking at the wrong time! This time I’m using my innate nature to express myself … and now is the Right Time! I’m shouting to the world … I have a book that is screaming out to be published and to be read.

I’m dusting […]

Year of the Edit

Just performed an autopsy on my Crime Novel today … Sayonara #2 is born!

I commenced Year of the Edit yesterday! Thirteen eager writers, plastic surgeons in-training met at QWC Brisbane with the fabulous Kim Wilkins as Chief Surgeon. (Thirteen is my lucky number!)

This course will give Sayonara a golden opportunity to develop to […]

A BIG Publisher

I can’t believe it! A BIG Publisher finally emailed me today about my manuscript. My first lengthy rejection letter! I’m not *snoopy dancing* on the ceiling with my suction boots on, like I dreamt I would! But I’m not slitting my wrists either, although giant globs of tears are staining my desk!

The email was […]


Yesterday Beyond Blue invited me to join their blueVoices national reference group. I was stoked! … Not in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine BB asking me this!

I said YES!

As a member, I’ll be expected to voice my personal experiences on their committees, on community awareness campaigns and research studies.

In the […]